Better to be Silent sometimes…


When someone close, who have hurt us asks, what is the problem that is disturbing you,
Scared, we move ahead, with a thought to vent our problems and share the cause of pain.
We let them know the reason of the problem is
That’s where we go wrong and all our effort to feel better goes in vain.
We thrive for a solution,
So we think to resolve and try to bring an end to our inner confusion.
But sometimes it is better to be silent in the end,
Rather than sharing the problem with a person who never tries to understand.
A person who feels whatever he does is right,
In his eye, we are always wrong and so he could never understand our plight.
Let the realization dawn on him someday,
With a hope inside, he might realize and understand our problem one day.

-Heta Gala


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