Heart’s Desire


“Stop  Anji. I am still sleepy. Please let me sleep.” hugging his wife Karthik slept. Anji was still playing with him, sprinkling drops of water from her wet hair and moving her fingers on his face.

Anji and Karthik have been married since sixty years and are proud parents of two sons who live abroad now. Karthik has retired from his job and now he spends the remaining days of his life with darling wife Anji. Karthik used to work day and night and most of the times he was out of INDIA. Anji never complained because she knew Karthik was working hard for her and their children’s future. Anji had got used to that life where she slept alone on her bed and kept weeping most of the time missing her husband. Now, after 40years, in their old days they have got their time, time to be together, time to wake up together, first kiss in the morning, going out hand in hand and sleeping hugging each other tightly.

“Anji, are you ok?” asked Karthik.

Anji suddenly started coughing badly and held her pallu to her mouth. She turned away with a tensed look on her face. 

Karthik shouldn’t come to know about this. After so many years of distance, we have got this wonderful time. I don’t want to waste sitting in the doctor’s clinic and having medicines and seeing my Karthik tensed. I can’t see him crying. When last time I had been to the doctor, he told me I was in the last stage of blood cancer and nothing can be done. I have five months hardly and I want to relive my life with him and want to die with happy moments.

“Karthik, I am fine. Just, you know normal cough. You please get up. Breakfast is waiting honey. “Saying this she rushed towards the washroom. Anji was full of tears. She sat down on the washroom floor and started crying with her hands on her mouth.

God, I don’t want to die so soon. I love Karthik and he loves me too. Please God I don’t want to die.

Wiping her tears, she faced herself in the mirror” Anji, you still have a few months ahead of you. Don’t waste in crying. Just go and enjoy every single moment with your Karthik. Be strong and forget for a few months that you are ill.”

“Anji, where are you? I am hungry “called Karthik.


The days passed by. Anji’s illness got worse day by day. Karthik doubted there was some problem but even after a lot of insisting she never said yes for the doctor. She looked weak and that made Karthik more suspicious.

One day, when Anji was busy having a bath, Karthik started searching for the hints. He checked the wardrobe and drawers. He found a blue file with a hospital name mentioned on it. He opened the file and was shocked by reading it. Tears rolled down his eyes.

“Karthik, what are you doing?”

Listening to the sound door knob of washroom open, Karthik quickly closes the file and kept it in the drawer before Anji entered the room and pretended to be busy on his laptop.

” Anji, pack your bags.”

“Wait, I mean, where are we going?”

“You always wanted to go to Paris. I just booked the ticket for two of us. So my Darling, get ready to have some fun”. Anji started crying and hugged Karthik. She whispered in his ears”I Love you. “But inside she was holding some pain that may hurt Karthik If he comes to know.

There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you. But I have to do this for Karthik. For us.

“Anji, I love you more than you do.”

Anji and Karthik left for their vacation. Anji couldn’t believe that she is in Paris with Karthik. She always dreamt of being in this city of Romance once in her life. But because of their busy schedule, they never got time. But now she is happy that before dying her last wish got fulfilled.

After a few days……..

“Sorry to hear about your wife. May her soul rest in peace.”

“She was a great woman.”

People had come at the condolence meet of Anji. Anji’s photo frame was placed on the floor with a garland  hanging on it.

After everybody left, Karthik was alone and all he had was Anji’s memories.

“Anji I love you. I miss you. Why you left me alone. I pray God, you be my wife in all my birth. Anji, I am waiting to see you. ”

After a few months, Karthik opened a nursing home in Anji’s memory and named it

”Anji Healthcare.”

A few days later, Karthik died of a heart attack. He tried to live without his darling wife, but it was hard for him. He missed her every moment. Finally, his heart gave up and his soul rested in peace.

PS : All characters appearing in this post are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.


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