Goodbye Orkut:)


Dear Mr. ORKUT,
I know you have been trying to be in touch with me since long and trying to talk, but I am too busy. But, still I will talk to you for the one last time tomorrow as you are leaving us on 30th September. For now Bye and be on time tomorrow and please use Google hangout to buzz me not your account where everybody can read our conversation :-/ .

After sometime Orkut replies..

Dear Heta,
Thank you so much. I have been missing you all. See you tomorrow.

Tomorrow at 1:30pm….

Orkut : Hi Heta πŸ™‚

Heta : Yes, Hi

Orkut : Well, sorry to disturb you. What you doing?

Heta : It’s lunch time and I am busy checking my Facebook updates πŸ™‚ ;
(And for your kind information I have received 82likes on my display picture
;which I never received in your account :-/.

Orkut : 😦 Yeah ,I have checked Facebook once, It has a lot of good new features which I don’t have, but I was first though, Wont you admit that?

Heta : Yes, you were first, but now a closed chapter. I had created your account and hardly used it, but I have been using Facebook since long and its amazing. GodπŸ˜‘, You are too old and Facebook is in trend now. You never gave me privacy nor allowed me to praise any good image or like any nice posts!! Facebook is just awesome. I can quickly share photos, post comments,share many interesting links and posts and in turn I even get to know who liked my posts or images and who didn’t. It has a special privacy setting, where I can make sure my timeline is read or liked by the person I like. I can customize my page or app. I can even connect my games with Facebook account and can have a competition with my friends. It’s really exciting. Btw, I hope you know what timeline means :-/ !

Orkut: Hmm, I know Facebook is good, but don’t forget you started your journey with me. How can you forget me so easily! I have been trying to contact you since so long, you know, my last day is 30th September and I will missΒ  all my users. I just came here to say last goodbye to you guys, but it seems No one is interested in me now. People have forgotten that I was the first app that allowed people to be friends online. I was good for all of you when there was no Facebook. Because of me, people came to know about you. People read the testimony’s written by your friends. You used to like it a lot at that time. Facebook is a new and enhanced version, I agree, it’s much more convenient and intriguing than me, but I was first to create such things.

Heta: Ok, Ok, I accept this. Don’t feel bad. I am sorry for behaving rude to you. I would always remember you as my first, who allowed me to connect to my friends. Thanks for dropping by and saying goodbye. I will also miss you (But, Facebook will make sure that I don’tπŸ˜›)
Thanks for all the testimonials I received from my friends because of you. I will always love you for that particular feature of yours. Before leaving us, I wish you good luck and hope you come back Β with rejuvenated good features as compared to Facebook and others. As it is, we users would be happy to receive the best services and If you come back with new avatar of yours, who knows, We may leave Facebook and come back to our old friend πŸ˜‰
Orkut: Thank you Heta. I felt nice talking to you. Hope you remember me always. I can’t guarantee my comeback, but if I do then wish your Facebook “Best of luck” from my end 😎. Goodbye Heta. And yes, I have saved all your data, If you want it, then please download your data and erase it from my database, so that when I am going to be shutdown forever, you won’t face any situation. Takecare πŸ™‚

PS : This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.

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