An Intriguing Encounter


I am sharing my experience in the form of a story which took place during my college years.

P, what are you doing? Are you free, Let’s meet then?”
“What happened, are you Ok?You sound a bit low. ”
“Yes, P, I am!Want to meet and talk to you. ”
“OK. Do one thing, come at my place. No one is there except my grandma. She will sleep after sometime. So you and I will have a good time later. Come quickly sweetie. I am waiting.”

(After an hour) Ting tong…Ting tong..

“Hey, come in.”
“Hi P, How are you? ”
“I am all fine. But what happened to you?. Is something serious. Your eyes tell me you have been crying all day long..! Come to my bedroom, and tell me what’s the matter sweetie.”


“Yes P, Now I am feeling better after talking to you. ”
“I am always there for you. Wait here, I will get mocha coffee for us.”

“Mmmmm, from where is this fragrance coming !!It’s lovely.”
I went near the window and saw a garden below her apartment. There were swings and many other rides for kids to play  and small benches to sit in the garden. Also, there was a huge tree which had many cute little yellowish white flowers on it and one  flower almost touched P’s window. It smelled really refreshing. I smelt the flower closely and  it had the same pleasant fragrance that was coming since long. The smell was  very energetic, strong and lively. After having coffee, I asked P to take a small stroll with me in the garden. While walking, I asked her about that yellow flower and also which flower it was. I told her, I felt really nice  after smelling it. She told me, that it is a tree jasmine. The tree grows and lives for up to 40 years. She also told me that, the tree is considered ornamental and it grows twice a year.

After that day, I thought of buying a jasmine plant and placed it on my window. Also the aroma of the flower spreads in all the corners of the bedroom. Always, whenever I have felt low or stressed, the sweet fragrance of  jasmine flower, made me feel better. I have even placed Godrej aer twist named misty mornings(pink colour) in my car, which has a fragrance of rose and jasmine combination. I specially chose this gel because of jasmine fragrance. Though it doesn’t completely smell like my plant, but still it spreads a very nice fragrance in my car.

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