Hey Gorgeous, you are looking elegant in that black dress.”

“Thank you so much Aadi 🙂 . I always look good 😉 , but black is my favourite colour. It signifies power and strength. Also, I look sexy in this colortiny-smileys-yesemoticons-006.”

“Hmm. But, I feel Black colour signifies Negative power. It exhibits Darkness. “

“Aadi, It depends on a person’s thinking. For me, Black is my favourite colour and it makes me feel positive about myself. Now take an example; whenever I buy clothes, I mostly like dress that is either completely black or else has some part of black colour in it. Also till date, all my mobiles were mostly black in colour, even this one 🙂 . To sum up, I am in love with this colour.”

“OK, let me ask you one thing. If given a choice, which five black things you would pick, that you desire to have?”

“Emmm.. Black tablet, black Cell Phone (always), black car, black kohl and black colour.”

“I get about cars, gadgets but what exactly you mean by black colour!”

“OK. Let me tell you in detail about every things, I choose.”
1. My Next Mobile:


 iPhone6, is my next purchase. Currently I am using Galaxy Grand2, which is also black in colour 😉 . According to the Rumor Mills, this phone is going to release in 2015 and will have many good features like 128GB internal storage or expandable storage, a better camera
New iOS 8 operating system, Heart rate EarPods, A8 processor, Wireless charging. So, if this rumour is true, my next purchase would be black colour Apple Iphone6 🙂 .
2. Ipad/Tablet:


Talking about tablet, then I would love to have a black color I-pad mini with retina display. It’s stunning features and amazing display takes away my breath. With an advance and improved battery life, once fully charged, I need not worry about the battery running out and take it out for the whole day without any tensions. Since the day, I have held an ipad in my hand, I felt I have to own this tiny-smileys-yesemoticons-028.
3. Cartiny-smileys-yesemoticons-047: 


This has been my dream. My favourite ” Jaguartiny-smileys-yesemoticons-047“. With the comfortable seats and awesome interiors , Jaguar has been my “the desired” dream. It has a sophisticated look and a elegant style which compels me to have one. Black colour in it , would be perfect.
4. Kohl:


I never leave home without using one. It enhances the beauty of my eyes. Be it shopping or office or just a small walk, I always apply this one makeup. Currently I am using black Loreal kohl. Also popularly called as ‘Kajal’, mothers apply a small dot of Kajal, on their children to keep them away from any evil eye. 

5. Black color:


On a serious note, by black colour here, I simply meant to remove all darkness from the lives of girls who are brutally raped and are not given justice, to erase all problems of small kids, who are forced to beg or who are abandoned by their parents, to erase the dark clouds of corruption from our country, to erase the increasing problem of human trafficking. To Conclude, to erase all the negativity and darkness of the problems from everyone’s lives. I desire to see the rapists punished; the kids are saved from evil practices done against them.

“Hmm. Nice thought. But something’s would just remain a dream, I suppose. Anyways, I really hope your last wish gets fulfilled someday. And yes, hope to go for a long drive in jaguar sometime tiny-smileys-yesemoticons-012 😉 . “

“Ha-ha Aadi. Anyways, for now, let’s just enjoy the party going on under the blanket of black sky 😉 as partying at night is always awesome and relaxing after the whole day of our busy work. Let’s go. 🙂 “

What say “Work Hard, Party Harder”

PS : This post is a part of #WhatTheBlack activity at BlogAdda.com

All characters appearing in the post are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead is purely coincidental.

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