Whattheblack marathon Day2

Hi folks πŸ™‚ ,
Today is Day2 of the contest. As you all know, I have started a blog marathon of five days. For more details, please read my previous post:

Yesterday clue that I had received was, an Egg with a yummy egg shaped chocolate inside πŸ™‚ . Many things popped up in my mind like an Easter egg hunt, or may be a launch of a new product, but in the end, I was confused as to why a chocolate inside and a big confusion was “Whattheblack!”.

Today’s product that I have received, is a black colour newspaper 😐 . What it could be :-/ . But, though today, I think my clue is hidden somewhere in the newspaper itself. Let’s have a look at the news of it.



Here’s a WhattheBlack times newspaper with a sticker on the topmost”Day2- Watch out for more tomorrow.”


The last page of the newspaper consists sports news.


Now, I have clicked this article closely because, I am one of the farmers, who had received a black egg yesterday πŸ˜› .


All the remaining pages were blank with Whattheblack.com written in the centre of the every page.!


There was a note attached on the paper”Morning with WhattheblackTimes.”

Though the articles written in the newspaper are completely fake, but It sure has some hint hidden in it 😎 .

My mind is already busy working to crack the code of the black mystery 😎 but, I would need your help too guys. I request everyone of you to share your view on it, what you think about the above black product, I have received. Why black newspaper? What could be my tomorrow’s clue of #WhatTheBlack Contest. A black bottle, or a black tissue( as shown in today’s special(black ) newspaper or a black dress πŸ˜› . It could be anything. Any guesses!Would love to hear from you all πŸ™‚ .


9 thoughts on “Whattheblack marathon Day2

    • Usually the things which are completely white in real Georgia are the clues. Like first day I received white egg painted completely black. Second Day black newspaper. So things which we see completely white in color normally turns black. Any other guesses !πŸ˜‰

    • Cheers Dilip. Well the blog marathon have concluded as the mystery is solved or would say it got leaked !! I will blog on the last post soon and will reveal the mystery behind the black!

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