Whattheblack Marathon Day 5!

Today is Day5 of the Whattheblack marathon. Those who are not aware about my WhatTheBlAck Marathon, Please have a look at my previous two posts:

WhatTheBlack Day1

WhatTheBlack Day2

WhatTheBlack was a contest where, We would receive a product everyday for the first four days and those products were clues behind the mystery of black. On the first day, I had received;


A Black Egg
And on the second day I had received


A Black newspaper.

My mind was already working on the mystery of Whattheblack and I had even guessed that, on the 3rd Day, I may receive a black bottle or a black tissue or a black dress. But my excitement faded away, when I dint received any courier the next day 😦 . I tried my level best to co-ordinate and ask the concerned team regarding my courier,  but except WAIT, there was no other option. I kept waiting for my clue to arrive, but in the end, I din’t receive any. Phew 😦 . I checked the website of WhatTheBlack and there were many, who had received their 3rd clue which was a Black cup and a black tissue with “Colgate Charcoal paper Cup” written on it.! So, I had guessed one product right, black tissue 🙂 . Also, the 3rd clue was a big hint in solving the mystery because of The word “Colgate”. . I was agitated,as to why I didn’t receive my clue and my excitement had almost drained away. Still, I wanted to solve the mystery to answer my inner detective self 😛 .
And guess what, like everyone, even I googled ” Colgate Charcoal related products .” And got the below picture regarding it.


I never thought in my dreams, that it could be a Toothbrush 😐 . But Yesterday, the Blogadda team who had organized such a wonderful contest revealed that the mystery behind the black is “Colgate new slim soft Charcoal Toothbrush.”( the clue actually had got leaked as per the information 😛 ) . So there was no need of the 4th clue anymore.

So If you connect all the products like egg, newspaper , cup and tissue , the first thing that you will notice would be all are available usually in white color. So first hint was, the final product that would arrive would be black in color( only available in white earlier) And the big hint was the word Colgate which solved the mystery completely. For more details of the product you can log on Colgate Black Toothbrush

I would surely thank The Blogadda and The Colgate team for coming out with such a fun filled contest, but somewhere I was not given a fair chance to solve the mystery. I had received the first two clues and for which I have even attached the pictures above.

I received a courier for 3rd and 4th day today i.e 4th August 2014. Here I am uploading the pictures of the same below.

A Black Cup and Black tissue:

With a sticker on the box ” Day3,Watch out for more tomorrow.”

A note inside stating that this was the last clue to be received.

Final and Last product: Black Charcoal slimsoft Toothbrush
A note inside reveals the mystery behind the colour black which is A Black Toothbrush. Thank you Colgate and Blogadda for this gift, which I finally received today ie 4th of August 2014 🙂 .

On the other note,Today the “Friendship Day” is being celebrated here and So, I wish all my friends, colleagues and followers a very Happy Friendship Day 😀 . I have a few sweet memories( Happy Friendship Day Blogpost )  of this special occasion which , I  will cherish the lifetime.


3 thoughts on “Whattheblack Marathon Day 5!

    • More than difficult, It was very very tricky. I mean I dint even thought once, that it could be a toothbrush :-/ . I thought it could be launch of some new gadget. ! Anyways, Thanks for reading my blog marathon posts and taking initiative to solve the mystery Mihran 😊

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