Rann of Kutch- The White Desert


Last year, I had visited this place called “The Great Rann of Kutch” which is situated in the Kutch district of Gujarat state, INDIA. ‘Rann’ is the Hindi word for Desert.  A place spread across 7505.22 square kilometres, is one of the largest salt desert in the world. It is popularly called as The White Desert simply because it is the land of salt.

During the summer season, the temperature hits  41 degree Celsius and sometimes even 49 degree Celsius. The climate is hottest during this season, whereas during the winters, the temperature dips to zero degree Celsius. Rann of Kutch is one of the famous tourist spots in Gujarat. Every year, there is a festival organized by the Gujarat Government, which usually falls between December to January.  If you plan to visit this place and want to experience the joyful festival of Rann, you need to book for it, a year in advance.  To accommodate the tourists, the hut shaped Mud houses are built with an authentic touch of the local culture. The tourists not only enjoys the festival of Rann, but also gets to taste the delicious Kutchi cuisine. The view of this desert is completely different during the nights. The open dark sky, the twinkling visible stars and the cool breeze make you feel like you have entered the heaven.

My experience of visiting this place was wonderful, but I did miss the chance of the adventure of the Rann festival. I had clicked many pictures here and I am sure ,you would fall in love with Rann instantly and would want to visit once, if you are in INDIA or would be visiting INDIA 🙂 .


        The White Desert”Rann of Kutch”



               The Mud Houses


The view of Rann of Kutch from Kaladungar Hill(popularly called as Black Hills)


                 The Camel Ride

              The Rann Festival :




  The Famous Garba being performed



A few nearby localites playing sitar and  singing a melodious traditional song.


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