Crime has no limits!

I read an article today, in the leading newspaper “The Times of India” that shocked me!

The headline ” Morgue worker in the US, admits to having sex with up to 100 dead women.” made me think that, a man can go to any length, to silence his thirst for sex. Have a look at the article below:

Morgue worker admits to having sex with up to 100 dead women – The Times of India on Mobile –

A few days back, I had read an article about a 95 year old woman, who was raped by an auto rickshaw driver in Bangalore, INDIA! Rape has no age bar, I feel! From a six year old girl to the older woman no one is an exception! My blood boils reading such news, but the above news just shocked me today and showed me that, a man has no control over his sexual urges and can go to any extent to satisfy their sex motives.



13 thoughts on “Crime has no limits!

  1. As so far as sex is concerned, no real difference between the sexes exist. And generalising from some old chap with a certain clearly definable sickness …, I don’t know. 🙂

  2. Well, rape is not really about sex, It’s about power. And having sex with a dead body can make a person feel like they have a lot of power over that body.

  3. Horrible… Are they humans even?? Let alone being men! Sickening it is… Bile rises in my throat when I stumble upon reading such instances! ;(

    • Same feelings Shweta! Whenever, I have read news on the rape cases, I have felt very bad but, this case of raping a dead woman was very shocking! Not once or twice but, to 100 different dead women!

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