An Ethnic makeover of the dwelling

I have always dreamed of having a wooden finishing home. Wooden flooring, wooden ceiling gives your home an elegant look and it is visually very appealing 🙂 . A home is a place to relax, it’s a place filled with our memories. No matter, wherever I go, returning back to my home gives me the most peaceful feeling. Decorating, redoing our home is the most difficult, but, a very interesting task. I would love to give an ethnic look to my home. For the interiors, there are many options which can give a new look to our home. I would like to make a few changes that, would actually give my home a refreshed look. If you plan to make any changes to the interiors,I recommend makemyhome site which, gives you an option of wide varieties of the household products from a furniture to the electronic items to the kitchen tools and much more. There are many items which, I would like to buy, but, as I have an option to pick only three items, I would like to go for the following one 🙂 :

wall stickerFirst, thing I would like to change is “the walls of my house”. So, I choose the “Falling leaves wall sticker” which would give a different look to my walls. Also, Falling leaf symbolizes to bring change. It reflects something new to arrive in your life. Also, the wall sticker, I have selected would perfectly go with the wooden flooring too 🙂 . It would give a very alluring look to the house and promises to bring a change in the appearance of my home.

diwan setSecondly, I would like to have a lovely “Salona Bichona Diwan Set” placed either near my window or on the roof terrace(not in the bedroom as shown in the picture 😉 ) where, I can sit and  possess a lovely time with the nature. Also, I love to write in the open space under the shade of the open sky and cool breeze. Sitting on the Diwan and writing the articles, or talking over the phone or having my coffee or just sitting and enjoying the view of the beautiful nature seems perfect.

ancient silver night lamp for my bedroomLastly, I would wish to modify the gloss of my bedroom during nights. So, I choose “Silver Ancient night lamps.” This lamp would make the atmosphere a bit romantic 😉 and  its glowing effect  with the above wall sticker(my first item) would give a pleasant look in the night. 

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4 thoughts on “An Ethnic makeover of the dwelling

  1. Hello Heta – hope all is well with you – I wanted to reach you since I am not receiving any of your comments or likes. Hope everything is fine!!

    • Hi Mihran,
      Thank you so much for your concern 🙂 . I am fine but, yes bit tied up with my work. Also, I have liked many of your posts and also had congratulated you on your blog award 🙂 . Didn’t you receive any notification?

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