Truth or Lie?


“I am not upset that you lied to me, I am upset that from now on I can’t believe you.”

Truth or Lie! What would you prefer? Would you always choose to speak the truth and retain the trust and the faith others have in you, or would you choose to lie to hide your mistakes and keep on adding mistakes by adding a new lie every time, or would you choose to lie to make someone happy.

I am a person, who prefers telling the truth and considered to be an arrogant rather than lying and being sweet. I hate lies. I know many of us, including me, have lied to make someone happy. This doesn’t make you a bad person but, think what if that person comes to know the truth, how would they feel later on! They would feel bad. Even, I have lied sometimes to bring a smile back on someone’s face, but I remember an instance, where, when the person came to know the real truth, he was shattered. Initially, he didn’t talk to me for a long while, but, later he did realize, I did for his own good. He apologized for reacting in a wrong way, but, he even told me, that I shouldn’t have lied him in the first place because he was more hurt later, when he got to know that, I had lied. No doubt, there are exception’s , where telling a lie is way better than telling the truth. But, I have come across a few people who lie just to cover up their faults. I hate such people and it becomes very difficult for me to forgive them again and again. It becomes difficult to trust them again. I don’t trust people easily and when, I come to know that,  the person is hiding things from me and comes up with a new story every time, then it becomes hard for me to believe in them. It is better to say the truth to sustain a healthy relationship rather than lying, because, you would not only lose a person’s trust, but also, you would lose a chance to have that person in your life forever.

There is a very famous quote which says;
” Whoever is careless with the truth in small matters cannot be trusted with important matters.”


7 thoughts on “Truth or Lie?

  1. Heta, I have seen many dimensions in your writings and poems…there is a wonderful embracing open growth in your words. I read the 4 most recent posts, and I could only smile. Thanks for making my day with what you shared!

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