UniverCell Sync


UniverCell Sync is a gadget hub where you can find a wide variety of mobile phones, tablets, speakers and gadget accessories. I had been to their showrooms twice, once at the Colaba Causeway this Saturday and earlier in the Growels Mall store, Kandivali both based in the Mumbai city. It is the biggest mobile phone selling hub in the Chennai City. The staff here is very approaching and interactive, and they also guided me by giving the detailed features and specifications according to my requirement. The gadget brands that are sold here are Nokia, Samsung, Sony Xperia, and many more. Also in the case of gadget accessories, you would find the headphones, speakers of different and vibrant colours.
You would get a wide variety of options here as per your budget and requirement with the package of the damage protection. One needs to pay an additional small amount for availing this package and the amount varies from mobile to mobile. The Damage protection package covers damages like the loss of mobile phones due to theft, a crack on the mobile phone’s display damage and if due to rains or some other reason water gets accumulated in the phone damage.

Besides, there is one added advantage called “Pick and Drop” advantage. With this advantage, if by chance your phone gets damaged, instead of visiting the showroom or service centre, you just need to call “UniverCell Sync” (first do apply for this service) and they would send a person at your place to pick the phone for repairing it and also meanwhile, they would provide you with the spare phone until your phone gets repaired. Once the phone is repaired, they would drop by at your home and return your phone.

Also, once I had purchased from the Growels Mall store, a Samsung phone and my experience was very good and I was satisfied with the way the staff had approached and helped me to select the best phone that fit my budget. So, In all, my experience of visiting this store was good 🙂 .


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