Painful Love


You loved me more than I did,

You were there, whenever I was in need.

You wiped my tears and took my pain,

I brought those tears and caused you pain.

Your aim in life was to see me smile,

And to see you hurt, I desired all this while.

You stood for me as a shield,

And protected me from the eyes of all evil.

You begged for forgiveness without committing a mistake,

Your love was true and mine was fake.

You never made me feel alone,

And loved me unconditionally, which I was unknown.

Today, you have left me and  you are a hundred mile away,

Now I can discern of losing a true love today.

I want you back and give you what you always deserved,

But, I know itโ€™s late and I have lost the person who loved me more than I deserved.
           -Heta Gala


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