Spread your wings and fly

Raj, I need to talk to you. ”

“Neha, I am getting late already. What is so urgent? ”

“Raj, actually its regarding me. You remember the pamphlet of Zumba dance class, I was thinking to join it. So, I need your permission for that.”

“No Neha. How can you even think about that? We have a daughter and what about my mother, who will take care of them and the house! And it doesn’t look good also. What would the society think? Please just do your work and I am very much busy, so don’t waste my time for such thing.”

Saying this, Raj left for his work. Raj and Neha had met five years back at a friend’s birthday party. They started liking each other the moment, they met. After six months of their relationship, they decided to take a step ahead and get married. But, Neha never knew, that her one decision of marrying Raj, would change her life and her choices in many ways.

“I have always thought about my family first. I resigned from the job, I loved the most, to take care of my new born baby. I always took care of my mother in law, but, she is never satisfied. How much I do , she never stops complaining. And Raj, earlier we use to make love every night, but, now it seems, he is slowly losing interest in me . We were so in love before marriage. Even post marriage, he behaved so wonderfully, he kissed me good morning and good night, he always complimented me but, now he doesn’t even look at me with much love or passion. He leaves for the office early morning and almost everyday comes late at night. Whenever, I have tried to initiate sex, he just pushed my hand and said” I am too tired for all this and now our age is gone. ” I never knew to love someone, there is an age limit beyond which you stop loving someone! But, still I never complained to him about how this annoys me at times. But, today for once, I thought for myself, for which, he just said No and walked off! ”

Tring tring….

Suddenly the sound of  the phone ringing brings her back from her thoughts.

“Hi Niti, How are you?”

“I am fine Neha but, you sound low. What is the matter? Is everything fine?”

“I am fine. It’s just that, Life has changed so much after marriage. Sometimes, I longed to go back and do things, I have always love to do, but, soon I am brought back to the reality. ”

“So Neha, do what you like. Who is stopping you to do?”

“I can’t Niti. I am a wife and a mother. I have responsibilities which I can’t ignore. ”

“Can you just tell me in detail, what is actually bothering you?”

Neha narrated her friend Niti the entire incident that happened in the morning.

“Neha, you have all rights to make decisions for yourself. I mean, you do so much for Raj and his family, he needs to understand your desires too. You take such a good care of your family, now it’s time to take care of you, your wants, your desires. If you don’t respect your own decision, no one will ever respect you. Stand for yourself, Neha. Take some time and tell Raj, you want to talk about you, about your life, about your feelings. Tell him, how you feel. Make him realize your worth and that will be possible only if, you realize your worth Neha. Being a housewife doesn’t mean that you are a maid. Taking care of the house and your family doesn’t make you their caretaker or a nanny. They can’t take you for granted. Just be calm and talk to Raj about it ok!”

“Thanks Niti. I am feeling much better now. I would surely talk to Raj. Anyways, How is everything at your end?”

“That’s like my old friend Neha. My life is going good. Well, I have called you to give a good news. I am pregnant.”

“Superb Niti. Congratulations. I am so happy for you guys. God bless you.”

Their conversation seemed to never end. They went on and on. Niti is the one, who has been with her always. They are like sisters to each other. Neha said to herself” Niti is right. I need to respect myself. I am no bird. No net can ensnares me. ”

Later that day, Neha talked to Raj and conveyed her feelings to him. They  even argued a lot, but, in the end Raj agreed for the Zumba classes. Also, he promised Neha to give some more time for his family and also towards her.

PS : All characters appearing in this post are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.


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