A short trip to Mahableshwar

A place that stands close to my heart, filled with some fond memories and a lovely romantic city “Mahableshwar”. It’s been more than a week, I was off from the blogging as, I was having my leisure time in Mahableshwar, a lovely hill station situated in the state of Maharashtra. It was a much needed break for me and I truly enjoyed to the core. A lovely stay, the delicious food and many wonderful places I had visited, still mesmerizes me. Let me share some pictures of places I had visited there 🙂 .

1)Tableland:                                             Table-Land-Panchgani

This plateau is situated a few kilometres away from the Mahableshwar city in Panchgani. It is counted as the second largest mountain plateau in Asia.

IMG_0094                                        (My image at Tableland)

2) Veena Lake:

IMG_0216                               (A photo clicked by me of Venna Lake )

This lake is one of the famous tourist attractions in Mahableshwar. It is surrounded by greenery from all the sides. The visitors can enjoy boat ride  and can have a nice view of the whole lake by this water ride.

3) Pratapgarh fort:


( A photo of Pratapgarh fort clicked by me)

This fort is situated in the Satara District and has a great history behind it. In the battle of Pratapgarh, the great Maratha King Shivaji Maharaj had won the battle against Adilshahi general Afzal Khan. The fort has many small temples of the various deities and has a statue of the King Shivaji Maharaj at the upper level of the fort, which was inaugurated by our First Prime minister Mr. Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. At the lower level, there is the Afzal tower constructed, where  the general Afzal’s head is said to be buried underneath the tower. Though it was very tiring as a person has to climb approximately 200 steps to reach the upper level of the fort, but I truly enjoyed visiting this fort and it felt worth after seeing the view from the above.

IMG_0162                              (A statue  of the King Shivaji  clicked by me)

4)Kates point:


(A photo clicked of Kates point by me)

This point is 1280 meters high and is famous for two reservoirs Balakwadi and Dhom.

5)Parsi Point:

IMG_0115                                   (A Photo clicked of Parsi point by me)

This is a very small point but has a beautiful scenic view of The Krishna Valley.

6)Arthur Seat point:

IMG_0368                                  (A photo clicked of Arthur seat by me)

This point was named after the British officer Sir Arthur, who sat at this point and gazed at the river Savitri where he lost his family in a tragic mishap. Along with this point there are other  small points like Malcolm point, Tiger spring point, Echo point, Monkey point to view.

7)Connaught peak :


(A photo of the Connaught peak from the top of the point clicked by me)

It is the second highest peak in Mahableshwar and has a beautiful scenic view from the top.

8) Lodwick point:


(A photo of Lodwick point clicked by me)

This point is named after the first European Mr. Lodwick, who set the foot on this point.

9)Needle point or Elephant head point:


(A photo clicked of Elephant head by me)

A few meters ahead of Kates point, there is one more point named Elephant head. The point is named as Elephant head due to a particular rock formation which gives the shape just like the Elephant’s head and trunk.

10)Mapro Gardens:


(The Mapro Gardens photo clicked by me)

It is situated between Panchgani and Mahableshwar city and is a popular tourist attraction. It has a small flower garden, an eatery stall and also has a small chocolate factory.

11)Kaas plateau:


(A photo of Kaas plateau clicked by me)

This plateau is located at the height of 1200 meters and is famous for wild flowers which blooms only in the month of August and September every year. This plateau is declared as a Biodiversity World Heritage site by the UNESCO.

12)Kaas Lake:


(A photo of Kaas Lake clicked by me)

The Kaas Lake is situated a few kilometres down the plateau and is surrounded by the dense forests from all the sides.

13)Lingmala Waterfall:


(A photo of the mini waterfall clicked by me)


(A photo of Main Waterfall of Lingmala clicked by me)

There are two waterfalls here, mini and main waterfall formed by Venna river. The main waterfall is approximately 750 meters away from the mini waterfall.

I truly enjoyed my trip and every place was worth a visit. After returning back from the trip, I had fallen ill and due to which I am blogging about it after so long time. I have visited this hill station three times till date and believe me, I would never get tired visiting it again and again 🙂 .


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