Quikr Quikr- Buyer and seller ka perfect matchmaker.


So, finally, I bought the product and got the time to blog about it. Let me tell you all, what this post is all about. There is a contest, where we bloggers stand a chance in making our Diwali festival more interesting by getting a chance to buy a product from Quikr site. So, finally yesterday, I bought Birla Lifestyle cooler with the help of Quikr site. Quikr is the online portal where, you can find many ads of the various ranges of used and unused products. The ads are classified into various categories like Car and Bikes, Mobiles and Tablets, Electronics and Appliances, Real Estate, , Jobs, Home and Lifestyle, Education and Learning, Pets and Pet care, Services, Community and Events, Matrimonial and Entertainment. Here you can not only buy, but, you can also post a  free ad of the product which you desire to sell and give the exact details of your product like for how long have you use the particular product, is it a new or used product, product description and the price at which you desire to sell your product. If any individual is interested in buying your product, you would receive the call and accordingly you can sell your product without any hassles.

Initially, I had many things in my mind according to the given budget, like some Home appliances or a used cellphone or some decent furniture for my home. But, while browsing, I didn’t find anything interesting and worth, according to the amount, I was willing to pay. I was so confused as, what to buy as even the contest last day was coming near. But a few days back, when I asked my mom what she wanted most these days, she told me that she needed a cooler and I started my search for the perfect product. I followed the same pattern like earlier, I went to the Quikr site, selected my city and wrote “cooler” in the search box ( http://mumbai.quikr.com/Air-Coolers/Home-Kitchen-Appliances/w1037?l=Appliance_Type ) It displayed plenty ads of coolers and after a long research, I liked 2 or 3 of them and I browse through it. Finally, I liked one of the cooler which was used only for three months, it was in a proper working condition  and was still under warranty.


I liked the features of the cooler, the cooler shown in the image and so, I called the seller of the product immediately. I requested him to let me see the product personally once before buying it.  Later, the next day, I went along with my brother  to the seller’s place in Goregoan west. I personally verified the cooler and the seller explained me the features once again. The cooler was about 20 litres and with a remote control. It has a sleep mode function and comes with an eight hour timer. He also demonstrated how to operate the cooler with and without the remote command. I was satisfied with the product and I asked the seller for some price negotiations. Initially, he was very firm with his point that it is not possible, but, after my long persuasion, he agreed at Rs. 5000 whereas he was willing to sell the product at Rs. 6000 earlier. So, finally I made the payment and asked him if he knows anyone who can help me deliver my product at my place without any charges or with a minimal charge. He told me to wait and greatly, he knew someone who got ready to deliver the cooler at my place at just Rs. 10( very nominal charge to pay 😀 ) by tomorrow. Also, we have an option of getting our product delivered with the help of Quikr site. We just need to call them at 9167006200 and give the complete address from where the pickup was needed and also our address, where the product needs to be delivered. But, my seller itself solved my problem and without any trouble, my product got delivered at my place the next day.  I thanked the seller for his kind help and on the other hand, I was waiting to surprise my mom as she wasn’t aware that, I would buy the thing she desired for 😉 .

As soon as the product arrived, my mom was curious to know as to what it is. I had informed her in the morning that, I have a little surprise for her and since then she was waiting to see the surprise. So as the product arrived, she quickly went near the product and was very happy to see the cooler.Immediately, She started asking me questions  like when did you ordered, why and how much did it cost to me? I was very happy seeing her smile and she told me “It’s the best Diwali gift, till now.” Listening to it, I was satisfied with my decision of buying the product.

Today, finally in the morning, we started using the product and my mom was super glad when she saw the cooler arrived at our doorstep. Below is the picture of the cooler I bought and finally started using it at my home 🙂 .


Till now it is working very nicely and my mom is sleeping peacefully right now, enjoying the cool breeze from the cooler and here I am, blogging about my experience of buying the product from Quikr Quikr :-). It goes well with their slogan “Buyer and Seller ka perfect Matchmaker.” In all, after a lot of search and racking my brains as to what to buy, I am pleased with my buying experience from Quikr site.

PS : This post is a part of Quikr acitivity at Blogadda.com


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