Best Girlfriends Forever..

“Best Friends are like Old Quilts.. Always warm and Valuable”


Our friends are almost like one of our family members. Just the way, any festivals or celebrations are incomplete without our family, similarly it’s incomplete without our friends too 🙂 . As we grow up, we get busy in our respective lives, we hold other important priorities, family responsibilities to be taken care of, that we hardly get time to meet our friends or even have our ” ME” time. But, if someone is important for us, we don’t leave a small chance or an excuse to make the thing possible. 


Yesterday, I met a few of my close friends and believe me, each one of us were desperate to make this meet possible as,we felt like, we haven’t met since ages!We have been together since our college and our friendship has become much stronger than yesterday and it keeps growing stronger and stronger with each passing day. We call ourselves as “5stars”, a group of five super girls who are disparate but, our feelings for each other is same. We fight, we debate, but, we never stop loving each other. There have been times, when I was not able to catch up with them in person, due to the work restrictions or the boundaries made by my family but, our friendship has never got affected because of it. If, ever, one of us has felt aloof, we made sure to clear the cloud of such thoughts as we believe that, each one of us is important and without even one star our group would be incomplete.
We are poles apart, but we are on the same wavelength, when it comes to the love and the bond we share. One of our friends now resides in the United States, but, still it feels that she is so close to us. Though, she is not here in person, but, still she is aware of every event of our day to day lives and likewise even she shares every minute thing about her life. All this is possible because of the small group we share on “Whatsapp” which has erased the problem of distance between us. Every emotion of ours, we share, no matter where ever we are. If we are angry or calm, happy or  sad, we just pour our feelings out in front of each other. No matter how weird we act, or how weird our feelings are, we feel assuaged by the fact that we won’t be misjudged or counted as a nerd. Whenever one of us, has been in a serious issue or a problem, the others would leave their important work and would scoot off to that one in the problem and make sure to make her feel better. This is called as a true Friendship !!
We all are blessed to have each other and without even one star, our 5stars group seems imperfect. So my lovely ladies, you are few of those friends, without whom my life would be incomplete 🙂 .

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