Heart’s Desire Part 2


I need a man with whom, I can shed my tears,
I need a man, who can accept me in front of others without any fear.
I need someone, who could care for my sorrow,
For whom, I should not be  a piece of tissue to be thrown after it’s use.
I need someone whose mere existence could make me feel good,
I wish to have one, who understood,
“The true meaning of love and to be loved”.

      -Heta Gala


10 thoughts on “Heart’s Desire Part 2

  1. At first I could not think of what to say…but these words came alive…

    May your dreams become reality
    May you find the one you need
    Who will put you far ahead of him
    While satisfying all your needs

    May he be one whose heart is selfless
    One who will always be genuinely true
    When he greets your smile each day
    May his radiant love always shine through

    May together your hearts be one together
    Never finding a single day to be apart
    May God bless your life with a priceless gem
    A sure reward for your ever pleasing heart

    For he will hear your prayers each night
    And will embrace their pureness within
    And he will answer them so perfectly
    With someone special chosen by Him.

    Beautiful poem/prayer you have written my sister,
    And you will be blessed in a mighty way, just
    Because of who you are…you are loved by God!

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