Share your problems but Not with Everyone!


Life is not easy for anyone,
Our problems would seem less to others,
But, it’s severeness is felt, only by us.
Never compare the depth of our problems with others,
As we never know what others would be going through,
Like wise the world could never relate to our life’s trouble.
Sharing the problems would help you feel better,
But, sharing with a person, who feels, your problem is nothing as compare to theirs,
Would just  mean your problems are echoed back to you,
As they are seldom interested in listening to you.
Share with a person who would feel your problem and would understand you,
A person who would listen to you without judging you.

    -Heta Gala


2 thoughts on “Share your problems but Not with Everyone!

  1. I was talking to a friend the other day that it is not wise to go around telling people about your life, good or bad, because they have their own issues. Sometimes, the people may show as if they are really listening but in their hearts or behind your back they are saying “who cares?”

    • Yes, exactly there are many who pretend that they are listening to you, but in real they aren’t! We should be wise and share our problems to those, who really care for us. Not necessary that they should solve our problems, but, just listening to it would be a great help too.

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