The power of voice

A few hours back, I came across an ad of Strepsils. It was quite a simple ad of a medicated tablet, but if you see the ad, the message spread through it is actually very nice. The ad shows that a girl working in a company wants to leave on time for her home but, because of her work she can’t as her boss doesn’t allow her unless she completes her part of the work. At that time, her colleague stood for her and explained the boss, how unsafe it would be for a girl to go, all by herself without any safe commute. Have a look at the video below :

Strepsils #Ab Montu Bolega Ad

Featuring this ad, Strepsils has started a small campaign “The power of voice to clean India”. There are people around us, who deserve our attention & authorities who need to hear our opinions! The motive behind this campaign is, Not to be a silent spectator. We must stand for the right, raise our voice if needed and should bring a difference. Being in a democratic country, we have right for freedom of speech and we should actually exercise it. We should not keep quiet against the certain wrong rules framed by the people around us. What we want to be when we are a grown up, should be our decision not others. Parents can support and give ideas to their children for a bright future but, in the end what a child wants to do is their own individual decision. We should not let others put the burden on us and if needed, we should raise our voice at the right time. Have your own opinions and don’t bother what others would think until you know what you are doing is right. To be accepted by people around us doesn’t mean we should act the way that pleases them. We should have our own voice and share our own opinions. Like a girl’s safety is very important. Working late hours are okay provided only when, one has a proper transport facility from the office to the home in such cases. It’s not only the company’s responsibility towards the employees’ safety, but it’s our duty too, to keep ourselves safe. I know sometimes in a few cases, raising our voice against our bosses would result worse, but that doesn’t mean we should follow their norms and keep quiet. Many girls in India face this problem where due to the work commitments and pressure, they sit till late hours and prefer to stay mum in the context of their job safety. I am of the opinion that, one should exercise their right of speech and stand for themselves or the person in need. To be accepted by people around us doesn’t mean that you have to be one of them! Be yourself, have your own voice and raise it when you feel the need of it.

There are many problems that we are facing today like rape, extortion, corruption and more, but being silent won’t help. I have written many articles on rape cases and in a few cases, a girl opts to be silent because of the pressure given by her family who feels if a girl discloses that she has been raped would bring shame to their family name.
We know that raising our voices against the odds is dirty in our country but, if we have a power, then why not to exercise it and not only clean the outside dirt but also clear the corrupt and dirty minds.


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