Mercy has no space!



How do you feel by seeing these images above? Does anyone of you can guess, what does the image depicts? As soon as you see the image, what comes to your mind? Let me tell you about it. In the above pictures, around 5000 innocent buffaloes are slaughtered in the name of the ritual that would bring good luck and prosperity.

In Nepal, there is a festival called “Gadhimai” celebrated once every five years where the worshippers of Nepal and India visit the holy deity and sacrifices  animals, birds and offer their prayers to God of power “Gadhimai”. It is believed that such sacrifice would bring prosperity and good luck in their life.


I respect every religion, but, can anyone explain me, How killing the innocent animals can bring happiness,  comfort and wealth in someone’s life? How can one such sacrifice can help bring good luck in someone’s life? How could the Divine God wish for a life of some innocent in return of providing someone with opulence! I have heard of God giving life’s to the people! Then how can he demand for a life for offering something? God can never expect us to do such things to make him happy in turn of providing us with happiness. God never charged for his blessings, but it is, we the people, who perpetrate such crimes in the name of a holy God!



  I felt horrible when, a few days back, I saw these images in The Times of India with a caption saying “5000 buffaloes sacrificed as a part of the ritual in Nepal.” Just because an innocent silent creature can’t talk, they can’t stand for themselves,  they fall prey to such inhuman acts. How can a person is believed to stay happy if, he has murdered someone? If someone would demand our own kid to be killed for our happiness, would we do that? I know the answer would be No, but, believe me guys, some fools would do anything to be happy.  How easily, 5000 buffaloes were killed and no one dared to say or raise their voice against this injustice. Killing someone won’t gain anyone anything. If you are not punished now, one day soon your bad karma would punish you for such insane acts.
Though the amount of sacrifice this year was less as compared to the year 2009 where around 2 lacs animals were killed because this year India had reduced animal exportation during this festival. But, still, 5000 figure is not less, according to me. In the coming year 2019, I expect this figure to get zero. This act not only shows disrespect towards humanity, but also such crimes committed in the name of our divine God is considered to be shameful. God can never expect us to do such things to make him happy in turn of providing us with happiness.


23 thoughts on “Mercy has no space!

  1. Horrible!!! These images are heart breaking!! How can someone be so brutal…? These people continue their silly practices all in the name of religion… They do not think rationally but these pictures make me believe that they worship a devil and not any God!!
    May the souls of these animals rest in peace… and yes, when Karma plays its part, the same people will be reborn as animals and get slaughtered! Disgusting!!

    • God never say anyone to do this. So why to blame them and consider them as Devil. It’s people who are superstitious and follow such rituals in the name of God!

  2. It would be good if such festivals are banned at once but there is not being done.. However, I can sense that the evil traditions are vanishing spontaneously.. Their intensity is only decreasing and very soon, we will see them gettting totally eliminated.

  3. Its really sad but true people all over the world still superstitious beliefs, The only way we could remove this from our society is through education…………. Any ways Heta Thank 4 the awareness……….

  4. Thank you for your thoughtful perspective on this. I had no idea! The animals need a voice and yours is very eloquent!

    • Thank you. Animals need a voice and that voice comes from Animal protection Dept. Hope in a few years, people stop believing in such rituals and stop killing innocents!

  5. Yes its sad that such acts are perform in the name of God. I din’t got your point Deepak regarding the saying in Granthas. If you don’t mind could you explain.

  6. I am so saddened by these photos and the ritual. I really can’t say much more Heta…I understand that everyone has the right to their rituals and religious beliefs…but this in no way appears to me to be something that would bring good luck. On a nicer note….I hope your world is brimming with love!! ❤

    • Even I don’t believe that committing such crimes would bring me any luck!But,there are people who do believe in such things and even the educated people are no exception!

  7. I base my morality on a standard of harm, not religion. And I find it incredibly selfish that anyone would Bring suffering to others in hopes of bringing luck to themselves. This is so sad.

    They say what goes around comes around. Looks like this should bring them luck of a bad sort.

  8. Why didn’t Nepal get “luck and prosperity” when struck by the devastating 2015 April earthquake? Was it too much luck and prosperity?These evil practices need to be done away with as civil society has no place for such superstitions.

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