Rise above the Fear

     Every one of us, have a fear. Some may have a fear of water, or a fear of heights or a fear of fire or a fear of losing someone or a fear of facing failure many. Till date, I haven’t come across a single person who didn’t have his own fear. It is not wrong or someone should not feel bad about it, but at least one should try to defeat his or her fear. Fear is a fact and one has to  overcome their fear to succeed and claim victory! 

   When I was a kid, I was always afraid of being alone. I never left my mother for a single minute and I always needed her besides me.I still remember an incident where my mom once locked me in the bathroom because of my mischievous behaviour. Darkness had surrounded me and I kept crying as I was scared of darkness. After sometime my mom didn’t hear my sobbing and she got tensed. She opened the door and saw me lying on the floor with my hands folded. She hugged me and asked me” Darling, are you fine? I am sorry to lock you here sweetie.” She wiped my wet face and I hugged her tightly. With the innocent  face, I replied mom”Momma, I prayed to God and asked him to be with me. You had once told me, how God helps his kids when in need. I just called him for being my savior. And then, I drifted into sleep and I didn’t realize.  My mom cried and embraced me in her arms. At that moment, my belief in my mom’s word helped me overcome the situation of my fear for Darkness.
  When I grew up, I had a fear of losing people. But, at some point, I realize that relations can’t work by one person. Both have to work together and understand each other. Fake relations are meant to wear out one day and soon you realize, it would be good. I still feel bad if I lose my close ones, but I have accepted that crying won’t make any difference. It would just make you feel better for a day or so. Thus, depending on the situation, either one should try to get that person back or one should move on and let go of the relation. If the bond we share is strong, then one day that person would come back and realize the importance of us.
  Many of us, have a fear of heights called as acrophobia. I have a fear of water and heights combined. Recently, I had been to Water kingdom with very less excitement of enjoying and more fear of going into water rides. Yes, I know many of you must be laughing reading this 😦 , but a few of you would share the same feelings as mine!I was least interested in going to any of the rides and had made up my mind of sitting in the wave pool most of the time. I had developed the fear of water and heights,  since my school days. And after my school, I had never been to this park. After nearly 12 years, I visited this park. Initially I was not willing to go on any rides but, on a lot of insists of my brother and friends, I tried each and every ride. And, to my revelation, I started enjoying every ride. I realize that my fear became grievous because this fear was when I was a kid. Since then, I never tried to overcome my fear. I still do have a fear of heights, but may be one day I would overcome this fear too!
  Everyone of us has a fear. Never be ashamed of it and always try to motivate yourself to overcome that fear.Try is the only thing that can let you overcome the fear. It’s not necessary that, you would succeed, but the important thing is you took the risk of overcoming your fear.  This is the small ad below which shows Fear can be defeated, it depends on us, are we ready or not!

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6 thoughts on “Rise above the Fear

  1. Yes everyone of us have fear the degree an intensity may differ. I feel the more active we keep ourselves physically and mentally less the space in the mind for fear to creep in. Fear is an illusion of the mind its a mind game 🙂
    Thanks Heta for a thought provoking post.

  2. I found it helpful to realize that you can’t be courageous unless you feel fear. And I’ve also learned that if you keep feeling it and working through it, the fear goes away.

    Great post! Such an important topic and I love your insight.

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