Vacation Benefits!


Vacations are all about having fun, exploring the new places, enjoying the delicious native cuisines. Now a days, not only grown up like us, but also, kids do need some break from their daily routine. Yesterday, I came across  an online magazine named Teddy Travelogues written by the little kids, where they have described about their travel experience. Now this initiative was started by the Club Mahindra ( ), who had organized a small contest for kids in the different categories and had conducted the contest across the various cities. Afterwards, the best entries were published by them in a form of an online magazine. The thought behind this magazine was to  inspire the children to travel more and also give them an opportunity to showcase their talents. I read a few articles, poems and truly, I was amazed. Each and every entry was fabulous. Particularly, I enjoyed the poem ” The Flying Red Carpet” written by a girl named Kanisha.

Everyone loves to go on vacations; sometimes with our friends, sometimes with colleagues and sometimes with our own family.  Kids see vacations in a  different way as compared to adults! Their expectations, their curiosity, and the way they see things creates a unique experience on every vacation. We should make certain that kids get to learn new things  on their every trip.

When I was a kid, I always got excited by the word ” Holiday” itself. During almost every summer vacation, I use to go on a family trip. I was always excited to explore a new place, eat lots of yummy food, wearing new clothes. I was all time eager to go out and even a day trip would bring a big smile on my face, as all I wanted to do, was to enjoy. Going on a vacation means spending some quality time with your family. In today’s competitive and stressful life, we hardly get time for our family. We are so busy in our day to day activities that we hardly get time to talk to our family members. Not only us, but even kids are so busy with their school, tuitions, homework, tests that even they deserve some joy in their life. Vacations must be planned keeping in mind that kids get to learn something out of it. Going on expensive vacations is not important, but, even visiting a new place in our own country itself can help kids to learn new things.
We all know that wherever we plan to go for our vacation, we would learn new things on our way. Kids could learn the history behind the place they are visiting, they would enjoy the new and delicious food. Vacations create memories. Not only does, it help us relax and be stress free for some time, but, also help us create some fond memories which we could cherish forever. Kids could learn a lot on their vacation and sometimes they would be so excited, if they get to visit the places which they have read in their books. Such vacations help kids and us to return with a fresh and a stress free mind. It gives a nice platform for kids to not only enjoy and have fun, but also, they gain some knowledge.


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