Purity in every drop of Verity!

Trust and Understanding is the foundation of every relationship. If a need to hide things arises, it means, the relation is either weak or we don’t trust the opposite person with the truth. I have always been very open to my close ones. Sometimes I know, that being true to someone, can hurt them, but, it is better than lying and to keep the true feelings hidden. Because the longer we try to keep those feelings inside, the probability of a serious problem in the future would be more, as one fine day the truth may come out.

Sometimes when telling the truth could get us into trouble, we tend to lie or omit details to avoid it. Although this seems like a great temporary solution, it weighs on our conscience. Yes, at times, lying is the only best solution for everyone’s happiness, but, it shouldn’t become a habit in each and every scenario.

There are many instances in my own life, where I had chosen to speak up the truth instead of lying and cribbing on the false things. At times, the outcome of my decision of speaking the truth has worked against me and the faith has resulted in a few relations gone kaput. But, I believe that, if the relation is strong with someone, the person would understand and would come back someday.

I remember one such instance, where I had to confront my friend. Things were not going well in her life. All she believed was, her thinking was right and what she did was in no way wrong. For a few days, I held things back thinking, she is not in a correct frame of mind and if I tell her anything, that would only make things worse. But, when I saw that her belief was getting stronger and that she isn’t realizing what she was doing was wrong, I couldn’t hold back.  I couldn’t lie to her anymore. It was getting tough for me to be nice to her, when I knew from inside what she was doing was not right and totally unacceptable. One fine day, I thought to confront her. I told her the truth about where she was wrong. She did feel bad initially, but, later she knew, I was right.

A person can lie to others and can’t get caught. But, a person can’t hide things from themselves. An individual is the only one who knows the truth about themselves. We can hide things from our family and friends but, we can’t hide it from our soul. There was a time, when everything was working against me, I knew something was wrong but, I wasn’t admitting it. From inside, I knew something wasn’t right, but I lied to myself and the people around. But, soon I realized, what I was doing was temporary and some day, before someone comes and tells me, I better change things and accept it. I realized that lying won’t help and all I did was, accept the truth and face the problem.

Telling a truth is much better than letting regrets sip inside you. Yes, in some situations hiding is the only way that would work, but, not all the time. I believe in the philosophy of being candid and telling the truth rather to lie.

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