Goodbye 2014👐

The time has now come,
To say goodbye 👋to someone.
To the year, that comes to an end,
To the time, that I have spent.
At one moment, I have cried :'(,
The other moment, I have smiled 😌 .
Some wonderful moments, that I will cherish 😍,
Some bad moments that, I pray 🙏to soon perish.
I had my days filled with happiness :),
With the tweak of some raving madness 😅
Now the time has come,
To bid farewell 👐to the year 2014.
With some new hopes within,
I welcome 🙋the new year 2015.
Wish you all a very Happy New Year 🎆.
  -Heta Gala


8 thoughts on “Goodbye 2014👐

  1. As long as continue to share your smiling words my sister, this new year will be amazing for you…always be you, and believe in yourself! You will accomplish much,..its just a step away. Happy new year Heta!

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