Courage never backs down.

“I am lying down on the floor and the only thing that I can feel, is the pain. My head is throbbing badly and I can’t see anything properly. The  blood is oozing out of my body and its foul smell has permeated around. The end is coming near and I have very less time, I feel. My mind is reeling with many questions, but the pain is not allowing me to think much on it. All I want now, is to have you beside me, my love and see you for the one last time. Tears are welling up in my eyes and I want to cry harder but, the pain doesn’t even allow me for this too. What did I do wrong, God? I was helping a woman in trouble. A few men had surrounded her and were harassing her. She was crying and was calling for help. No! She wasn’t alone. She was besieged by a bunch of audiences who were just viewing the heinous act and enjoying the show. Most of them were men , but nobody had the moxie to move forward and help the woman in distress. I heard her screaming and thought of helping her. I went forward with a few of my male friends along, to save that girl. I raised my voice and shouted at those goons. They told me and my friends to back off, but we didn’t. One of the goons, tried to touch me and I slapped him tight across his face. Seeing this, his allies attacked us. The fight started between those goons and my friends. I took the girl aside and came back to stop my friends from fighting. Suddenly, I hollered and I felt a heavy pain on my head. I turned around and saw the goon holding the metal rod in his hand. I could see the ire in his eyes. With the cunning smile on his face, he punched me again with the rod on my face and I fell down on the road with the enormous pain. One of my friend got hold of him and he began beating him. With my eyes half open, I saw a police van coming in our direction. Last, I saw my friend trying to wake me up. God, what wrong did I do? I have heard you helped the person in need. Then why were you not with me! You should have punished those goons, but, here I am, lying half unconscious for saving a person in need. Here I am, who is losing her life for doing some good deed. I want to question you more but, I am not able to because of the pain. Why me God, why?”

” Ankita, wake up. Please wake up.”my mom is crying and shaking my body. I wish, I could have hugged her for the one last time. Sitting beside my dead body, I see my mom crying uncontrollably. She has lost her child for no reason.

” Mom, I am here. Mom, please take care of yourself. I know you cannot hear me as I am no more a human. My soul has left my body already. I am sorry to leave you alone but, you have always taught me to help people in need. Today it has cost my life. I know Mom, I wasn’t wrong but, my faith chose to end my life to save one life. I will miss you Mom and please make sure those goons are punished. Bye Mom,  I am going to a new place where no such bad things happen. A place where there are no humans, but only the dead souls. I don’t know when such crimes would cease to exist in the world around, but, now I have no fear of being raped or murdered. Goodbye Mom.”

The following day’s newspaper article….

” A twenty five year old girl died while saving the other girl from the eve teasers who were harassing the girl. The accused were under arrest and were put behind the bars.”

After a month…

The newspaper article…

” The accused in the Ankita’s case were released on the bail. They were proved to be innocent and were freed. The Ankita’s family is in a deep sorrow. When we asked her Mom, How does she feel listening that the accused of her daughter’s murder case are released? Here’s what she said, ” I feel sorry for my daughter. But, where ever she is, I promise her to fight and not to lose hope. I would appeal in the Supreme Court for the justice to my daughter. I will fight till I am alive.”

PS: All characters appearing in this post are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. 

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4 thoughts on “Courage never backs down.

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    • Thank you😊. Well, justice won’t ever come immediately in the country like INDIA, where laws are not strict, the actions taken are so late at times that may be the victim won’t be alive for their justice!

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