One of the India’s trusted and  largest automobile company, “Tata Motors Limited” has launch a new car“BOLT” in the market. A few months back, TATA Motors had introduced a very bold and stylish car “Zest” in the market and indeed it got a very good response.  I am not a car aficionado and the only thing that compels me to review or explore their features is their external  appearance.

Last Saturday, I had been to the Oberoi Mall located in Goregoan,Mumbai city, and as soon as I entered, a  new car caught my attention. BOLT! That’s what it gives you when you lay your eyes on it. I had been here with one of my friends, who is an ardent lover of new cars and gizmos. (Somewhere, I thanked myself for taking him along,  that day 😛 ,  as he was a great help in exploring the car and explaining me the features of the cars in detail 🙂 ). I thank him as this particular post wouldn’t have been possible without him.

imageThat’s Me posing with the new BOLT 🙂

The shining red colour and the stunning look obliged me to have a  closer look of the car. Tata Bolt is the Next generation Hatch Back which offers first in the segment features in terms of Safety, Luxury and Power. Tata Motors have reinvented their DNA with Design(DesigNext), Driveability (DriveNext) and Connectivity(ConnectNext) . Bolt is the Most Exciting and innovative Design by Tata Motors after ZEST  and  you can argue BOLT to be the Little Brother of ZEST. The Price Range suits the Indian Small Car Segment, and can compete against the Likes of Hyundai I10, Maruti Swift, Ford Figo and Chevrolet Sail. Tata Motors have always been a trusted brand amongst the Indian Masses, it suits the conditions very well. The salesperson even explained me the After Sales Service, which I feel, is the extraordinary  part of Tata Motors. Bolt is Designed by keeping the Global Market in mind for their Future Plans. When we plan to buy a new car, what are the important things that, we desire to have? Advanced engine, Stunning Exterior, Spacious Interior, Proper Safety and the most important point ”  at the affordable price”. Right?

Like I said, the price of this car is rational and it’s range suits the India Small Car Segment. Allow me to tell you  more about this car which can help you all to know more about it’s feature.

1) Engine:


REVTRON 1.2L Engine, sounds like a name of a Transformer to me from the Transformer Movies 😛 . REVTRON is the Next Generation MPFI Engine by Tata. For those who are wondering what is an MPFI, it’s a Fuel Injection Technology where the Fuel is forcibly injected in the Engine rather than the Conventional Carburetor which sucks the fuel into the  engine. The Primary Motive of the MPFI is to enhance Fuel and Power Efficiency. TATA will offer this hatchback with the 1.2-litre REVTRON engine which is petrol powered and which produces 84bhp/140Nm. On the other hand, the diesel engine is the 1.3-litre Quadrajet diesel. This makes the Hatchback no longer inferior to Sedans in Terms of Power. TATA has done a wonderful job to balance the Power and Fuel Efficiency with this Design.

2) Exterior:


Bolt looks like a Crossover between a Sedan and an Hatchback, as when you look at BOLT for the first time it doesn’t occur to you that this Car is an Hatchback. Also, designwise the exterior of this car  looks elegant. With the first in the Segment Projector Headlights and Traditional Tata Logo on the Grill Completes the design on a High.

3) Interior:



What more can we ask for in a Hatchback! HARMON! This makes the Bolt even more enviable as it is equipped with The Music System ConnectNEXT designed by HARMON. The console Consist of a Touch screen Infotainment, with USB, Aux Port, Smartphone enable Navigation from Mapmyindia .The Most Intriguing feature yet to be found in a Car Entertainment system is that, this one has an SD Card Reader which enables you to view your photographs from an SD Card on the Touch screen Console. It also Consists of Bluetooth Connectivity for phone Calls and media. The steering wheel controls are appropriately mounted and you can relax, enjoy your drive without taking your hands off from the wheel. It has a Voice Recognition System  where, you can just command the Car to do Stuff for you.  The Interiors are jet black in colour with Black Rugby seats. Trust me guys, when you sit on these seats you just sink into it with the feel of comfort. The space is in abundance, considering this is an Hatchback. There is an ample space in the trunk and the seats are foldable. You can feel free to carry your bicycle in your car :-P. Truly, this is a Spacious car.

4) Safety:


When it comes to cars, I am very particular about the safety it has to offer.  The Bolt has a 9th Generation Dual Air bags by Bosch, Corner Control and many more which ensures that our Drive is very safe and Secure.

5) MultiDrive:


Now this feature of Bolt is the best value for  the price you pay! The Multidrive feature of Bolt from Tata permits you to drive in three predefined modes that is SPORT, ECO and CITY. SPORT is for Maximum Power, incase you want to unleash the power of the Bolt. ECO is the mode where, you can save some damage to your pocket as it enables you with Optimized Fuel Efficiency. Last but not the least, the City Mode, which is said to be  is a Hybrid of the SPORT and ECO Mode, provides the perfect balance of both Power and Fuel efficiency which actually  is of utmost importance to the city traffic.

BOLT has already allured my friend to sell off his present owned car 😛 . Listening to its features and exploring the car, he has already decided for the test drive of the car soon!TATA Motors have done a marvellous job and I feel even this car would get a good response. For more details regarding to the car or if you desire  to book yourself for a test drive, please visit TATA MOTORS BOLT .

PS : This post is a part of the Get. Set. Bolt. activity at BlogAdda.


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