A piece of wise advice

Some people believe him to be more than an actor, just like a divine soul. He is as equivalent  as some great God and people worship him because of the good deeds performed by him. In the southern part of the country INDIA, he is considered to be a true leader and popularly called as “Thailavaa” by his followers.

I am not a big fan of him. He is equal to any other actor to me! Though, I like watching his movies and indeed, he is a good actor. But his few lines of wisdom alluded me. The actor Mr. Rajnikanth, leads a very simple life, yet after being such a popular face and a very rich man! He is a man with a powerful and a strong conviction. Truly said, everyone of us can dream of living  a luxurious life, but, we should always draw a demarcation between our need and our unwanted desire. As our greed cannot be accomplished and it may ruin our life at some point!



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