When you count someone close, don’t you pledge to be with them, whenever they need you! When you are in a happy mood, won’t you share your happiness to that close one to double the lovely feeling behind your happiness. When things are not good between you two, won’t you take some effort to talk and clear the misunderstanding that have arisen!


  Mistakes happen, arguments take place, fights occur, but, that doesn’t mean you would just avoid them thinking they have broken the expectation that you have built upon them. Yes, I agree, when you count someone important in your life, you would surely start expecting things from them. The expectation  is such a feeling where, however hard you try not to let it form inside you, but, it will form once a relationship gets stronger. And when some action of your close one hurts you, you would feel shattered or low. Then what would you do? Would you confront them as to why they did it or would you just avoid them and seal your lips!


Moving away from the problems won’t solve it. You would feel better, but that would be for a shorter period. Always try to resolve the issue by confronting that close one. Talk it out and ask them to be frank and true to you. When you love someone, never hide things or never let any misunderstandings affect your relation with them. Take your time, grab a coffee and sit down and talk. To keep your relation strong, you need to confide yourself completely in them. Hiding or avoiding your  worries connected with your close one would either make your relationship weak or it may even go sour!
Never let go of any relations that are built on the wrong assumptions ! If you feel hurt or broken by the action of your close one, confront them! Opinions may differ, but, issue still can be resolved.  If anyone of you run from the confrontations that would only make your relationship worse and if it continues, the relationship won’t be same like the one you had shared earlier! Deal with it and face it, if someone is really that close and important person to you!


The relationship works both ways, it’s a mutual thing. More the transparency, stronger would be the bond.


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