A dreamy proposal


True love comes to a few lucky ones and if you are one of those few, then don’t look back. When someone is in love, they imagine themselves in a different universe altogether. A world, where everything seems lovely and incredible. It’s a feeling that would give you happiness and joy that cannot be measured. So the day you encounter your true love, never miss a chance to express your love for them. Let them know, what you feel about them.

When somebody asked me, how would you express your feelings to the person you love, the first thought that came in my mind was expressing my love in the form of words. Being a writer, I feel my words would make a powerful impact on him. I would choose to go to some quiet place and would let my feelings talk in the form of words.

Ajay, I am standing downstairs. Will you please come down?” said Akansha.

I have planned everything and I hope it goes well. I know my friends told me to wait, but, I feel I am doing the right thing. Usually a guy takes a step ahead and proposes to a girl. But, in our case it is going to be “me”😌! The time has changed now, I live in the 21st century. I am smart, independent and powerful, so I don’t have the fear of rejection. On the other hand, my heart says that he loves me too and I don’t need to be afraid of anything. Just do it Akansha, just follow your heart. Thoughts were running in Akansha’s mind while she was waiting for Ajay.

“Akansha, what happened? Are you fine? It’s 11:30 pm right now. What brings you here at this late hour honey?”

Oh, he just called me honey 😛. “See”, , it won’t be hard. Now stop shaking and just say it Akansha 😑.

“Akansha! What are you thinking? I am asking you something… Is everything fine?”

“Ajay, I need to tell you something very important. Actually..”

Akansha say it 😐. Be confident the way you are always! Don’t be scared.

Akansha held his hand and began walking towards her car.

“Where are we going Akansha? Say something?”

“Ajay, you trust me, right?”

Ajay nodded with his head and they both sat in the car.

“Then just be patient. I need to tell you something and I don’t think this is the right place to talk.”

Ajay with a befuddled look on his face thought of asking Akansha but, he immediately dropped the idea and remained calm. After half an hour of driving, Akansha stopped the car and got down. She opened the door of the car for Ajay and held his hand.  The weather was cold and the cool breeze made both of them shiver. Ajay looked around  and was awed by the beauty. They were surrounded by  the beautiful mountains.

“Ajay, remember this place? This is the place where we had met for the first time.”

“Yes :), I do remember.”

“Ajay, I have been waiting to tell you something since long, but, I was waiting for the perfect time and the perfect moment. And I feel the time has now come. Do you know, what today is? And what is today’s date, Ajay?”

“14th February…”

“ Yes! By now, you must have realized, what I am going to say. Anyways, before wasting any more time, let me come straight to the point. Ajay, I am in love with you. Your presence has changed my life in many ways. You have always been supportive to me and have been there whenever I needed you. Every single day, you have made me realize that life without you would be nothing. You have given me immense happiness and now even I want to bring the same joy in your life. So, Mr. Ajay would you give me a chance to love you. Will you be my Valentine?”

Ajay smiled and hugged Akansha tightly, “ Yes, Yes, Yes. “

“Happy Valentine’s Day, Ajay. I love you.”

“I love you too, honey.”

“Wait, I have something to make our moment more special” Said Akansha 😉 .

She opened the trunk of her car and took out a bottle of champagne and the two glasses. She poured champagne for both of them.

“Let’s celebrate Ajay. Cheers!”

“I love you Akansha. Thanks for making me feel so special today. It’s the best valentine gift, I have ever received. “

PS: All characters appearing in this post are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. ( http://cupidgames.closeup.in/ )


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