Rise Up

“You can be either a good wife OR a surgeon”

“Decide if you desire to be a good daughter OR an actress”

Haven’t girls everywhere heard this or a variation of this ultimatum? Where it looks like you
You are being given a choice, but it actually is a thinly veiled ultimatum?

Every Indian woman must have been through this once in their life. Even today our choices are controlled by our parents. Its like every action of ours requires an approval from others! What we wear, where we go, everything is analysed. It’s mandatory for us to acquire permissions for the things we desire to do!

I recall one such instance, where after I had completed my studies and I was in search for a job, How I was explained that I won’t be able to handle the stress at the work. How it would be difficult for me to manage both home and office. How I was told to either find a day job or else sit at home. I had strained to convince my parents, but, they didn’t give up. They were firm on their decision. I still think of those days, where I had to decline a few of the good offers because of the restrictions levied upon me. No doubt my parents were concerned about my safety, but, none of the companies work according to the rules and regulations set by us. We bear to accept whatever comes our way when we are just a fresher, a struggler. Nonetheless, I did not lose any hope and I had continued with my job search. After a few months, I got placed in one of the telecom companies, but, though I was offered less pay compare to my qualifications. Quietly I took the offer as I didn’t want to sit idle. I proved my parents that even after their restrictions, I procured a job for myself. People thought that I won’t be able to handle the pressure at my workplace, but I proved them wrong. I handle my job perfectly. I executed my duties as a daughter at home And as an employee at my office. I proved to be a good daughter And a good Senior Accounts Executive.

Difficulties would come our way, but how we take it, it’s upon us. I had accepted that as a challenge and I had achieved what I wanted. This was one small episode of my struggle. Today I choose to be a writer and my mom believes in me completely. She had understood that her little daughter can achieve whatever she wants. And today her belief in me compels me to work hard every day to fulfil my dream of becoming a well known author. I can handle a business, run my home and also I can achieve my dream of turning into an esteemed author.

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2 thoughts on “Rise Up

  1. And a hug to you… May girls of world decide their fates themselves.. And of course, you can be a perfect person in home as well as office.

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