Be your Valentine!

Yesterday, I came across an ad where a girl and a guy were getting ready for their Valentine’s date. They got dressed in their best outfits and left for their special evening. The girl was first to arrive at the restaurant, reserved for her date and subsequently she was waiting for her Valentine. She smiled as soon as the waiter got her date! It was a mobile phone. Yes! The Asus Zenfone!! No, she was not about to have a video date nor did she receive the mobile phone from her date as a gift. I know you all must be wondering, what on earth, I am trying to say? Well, the Asus Zenfone was her date😋! She thought to be her Valentine and pamper herself with a smart mobile phone.

Valentine is not about celebrating the day with your boyfriend or girlfriend or with your partner. Valentine is all about celebrating the day of Love. It’s the day, where you pamper the person you love the most in the world. It can be anyone. It doesn’t mean that singles can’t celebrate this day. They can be their own Valentine, choose to pamper themselves, go on a date alone and be on their own😊. As soon as this day arrives, we all expect to be spoiled with gifts and surprises. For the people, who are in love, this day means a lot special to them. A few weeks prior, couples start their search for the perfect gift for their Valentine. Stores, malls are decorated with lovely Red roses, red hearts and red balloons. Nearly everything around us would be of red colour as it is the symbol of love. We expect our day to be celebrated in the best possible way. If you ask me, a chocolate would be enough to make me feel special!! I don’t expect my date to take me to an expensive place for the dinner or buy me an expensive gift. All I need is, in this busy world, on this particular day, we spend some quality time. The place won’t be important, only the presence of that special person would be!!

On the other note, if we talk about singles, they shouldn’t feel that, there is an emptiness in their life or they are lacking something in their life. Everything in this universe has its own positive and negative sides. It’s we who decide, in which way to perceive matters. We could choose to indulge ourselves. We could make ourselves feel special afterall Valentine is all about making your special one feel loved and we are “our favourite”! Aren’t we? So, if you are planning to buy a new phone than
have a look at the new Asus Zenfone. May be it could entice you to treat yourself with a nice Valentine gift for yourself. With the great features like the reasonable price, internal 8GB storage, 16GB RAM, Gorilla glass3protection and 8MP master camera capture, you may want to coddle yourself with such a nice gift. For more details you can visit

So being single doesn’t matter! All that matters, is the happiness of your loved one and making them feel special.


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