Axis Acquaintance

These days, I am excessively busy, as my house is getting renovated and also many social functions have kept me busy, due to which, I didn’t have much time to write😓. So finally, sparing some time today, I will share my review of a new Banking application of Axis Bank.

Last Saturday, I had been for a small conference to the main corporate office of the Axis Bank which is situated in Worli, Mumbai. Axis Bank is the third largest private sector bank in INDIA. The conference was regarding the launch of new mobile banking application created by the Axis bank. It claims to be a user friendly and a secure application which lets the customers of the bank to access their savings or current account, manage the transactions, and pay the bills and many more functions from their mobile. The important thing before using this application is, your mobile number must be recorded in the Axis bank database.

What do you need for downloading the application on your mobile?
A mobile phone with anyone of the following OS:
1. Android
2. iOS
3. Windows
4. Mobile Web(From mobile browsers)

Who can access the Axis Mobile application?
All Axis Bank customers (Resident/NRI) with:
1. Savings Account
2. Current Account(Individuals/Sole Proprietor/Resident/HUF)
3. Only Credit Card holders(Resident only)

The Axis Bank staff had given the live example of how to use the application by demonstrating the procedure step by step. After downloading the application from the mobile app store, click and open the application. Then register yourself by clicking the option” New users register” to set your six digits Mobile pin. Later it will ask you to choose from the below four options to register;

1. Register with Internet Banking details:
You can register yourself using this option by entering your login id and password which you use for online internet banking transactions.

2. Register with Debit Card details:
You can register yourself using this option by entering your Debit Card number and other details as asked.

3. Registered with WAP:
This option is usually used when you change your current phone. To select this option, you must be already registered as user for mobile banking previously. You just need to type your customer id and six digits Mobile pin after downloading the application in the new phone.

4. Only Credit Card Holder:
If you are only using the credit card of the Bank, you may choose this option and enter your credit card number and other details as asked.

After this, it will ask you to set a mobile pin (Mpin). Once the pin is set, you can access the application on your mobile just by entering the six digits mobile pin.

Features of the Axis Mobile Banking:

1. You can view accounts, deposit, card summary and loan account details.

2. You can view unbilled transactions and pay credit card bills.

3. You can schedule the bill payments and view as and when needed.

4. One of the most interesting features of this application is, you can add beneficiaries. There is no need to use internet banking for adding the beneficiaries or making fund transfer. The beneficiary gets added in a few seconds and accordingly you can make transfers to the newly added beneficiary almost immediately.

5. There is no need to wait for 24hours for activating the newly added beneficiary.

6. You can set the transaction limit to preferred value from 50000 to 10lakhs.

7. You can convert your certain transactions to EMI if needed.

8. If your card gets lost or stolen, you can block and replace your card by just one click instead of contacting the customer care for blocking it. This in turn saves your time.

9. Through the Edge Loyalty Rewards Program, you can redeem your reward points as and when you like.

10. If you can’t find your card and you feel that it won’t be stolen, you can temporarily switch off your card until you find it, just by one click.

11. You can add photos for your accounts and beneficiaries either by uploading or clicking the picture or from the social networking sites too.

12. There is one option “Locate Us”, where you can find axis bank ATM’s nearby you, then nearby restaurants and hotels who are offering the discounts on your Axis Cards.

13. You can also reorder the menu of the application as per your preference.

So, as the slogan goes “carry your bank in your pocket” fits well with the launch of this convenient and user friendly application which saves your time by just one click. So download the Axis mobile application and experience by yourself the new way of banking.

PS: This post is about ‘Make the Axis Acquaintance’ meet conducted by Axis Bank in association with


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