In our life, we have that one person who has supported us in our bad times. The one with whom we not only share our happiness, but, also share our sorrows. With whom, we have fought many times but, when we have been in some trouble, they are the one who are concerned about us the most. A few days back, I had watched an ad where, a father wanted his daughter to be on her own without anyone’s support. He wanted her physically challenged daughter to be a self reliant individual. Have a look at the below video.

Even, I have one person in my life without whose support, I would have been nothing. I have penned about her many times in my blog. She is the one who has guided me In every step of my life to be a better and a self reliant person. My mom has been a great support in my life. She is one of the strongest people, I have ever seen. People around us may have considered her as a weak woman, but, no one except her children knows that she is very stronger than anyone could ever imagine. She is the one  who can manage our home without anyone’s help. She is the one who takes care of her ill mom like a mother taking care of her newly born child. She is the daughter, who have proved to be a son in her family. A person who makes me believe that a woman can do anything in this world. My friends consider her as one of the coolest mom in the world. She is an extrovert person, but, with a lot of innocence inside just like a kid. If I would have been in her shoes, it would have been hard for me to survive in the middle of so many crises which she handles it so patiently and resolves it tactfully.

When I was in school, I wanted to learn western dance as, I love dancing. But being from a conservative family, dancing was not meant for a girl like me. It was my mom who supported me and convinced my elders to let me join the dance classes. Because of her, I got a chance to perform at the school annual function. If she wouldn’t have stood for me against my elders, I could not have joined the dance classes, nor I would have been selected or later performed in the school annual function. I scored good marks and secured good ranks because of her blessings and motivation to keep doing more. She is the one because of whom, I was able to opt for further higher studies and today, I am a Chartered Finance Analyst. All credit goes to my mom and her unlimited support. Otherwise by now,  I would have been tied  to some secured and a rich guy for whom, I would have been a maid cum wife wooing him 24by7 with no self existence of my own 😶.

Today, I hold my own identity. I write my own blog 😊. People around me recognize me because of my work and all this wouldn’t have been possible without my mom’s support. She reads my blog, sometimes she doesn’t understand what I write, as she is not much educated, but, nevertheless I would find her one like, every time I published a new post. Because she believes in me and thinks that “what I write is the best”. I love her for that.

So, there would be one such person in your life, because of whom you are, what you are today. Share your stories, honor them and thank them for being a constant support in your life.


6 thoughts on “MyfamilyMypride

  1. Truely mom are the best thing that happened to me as well. Way to go. Reading of your success it reminds me of Robert Frost..Miles to go before I sleep…

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