True Happiness

What we do when we badly miss someone?? When we realize that there is no other way to stop missing them except by seeing them in person. When mere listening to their voice over a call won’t be enough and all we want would be, to hug them tightly and soothe ourselves in their tender embrace. 

In this busy life, when people hardly have time to rest, where the day starts with the reminder of the reports that needs to be submitted today and ends with the to do list for the next day schedule. 24by7 our mind keeps on working and sometimes we don’t even realize what we are missing! Sometimes when we are so engrossed in earning more money or turning to secure our future, we tend to miss the everyday’s little happiness and moments. We regret it later but, still we continue to work the way we have been working.

I concur that, everyone of us needs a secure future and a happy life. Yes, we have to work hard for it, but, not at the cost of our happiness. So the next time, when you are missing someone, and that person is staying far away, just call them up, talk to them, express them, how much you miss them or if you realize, you haven’t met some of the special and the important people in your life for a long time, meet them. Always make sure that how much you work and earn, it should not be at the cost of your true happiness, as in the end you work so hard in your life, only to be happy.

Today, I am missing someone very badly. I wanted to see him, but, he was busy with his work. We talked over the phone, but sometimes a call is just not enough! I know, he was not wrong. Even with his busy schedule and in between his important meetings, he made some time to talk with me as he knew how much I was in need of him today. I would just tell him, ‘I missed you and hope to see you soon’. 


4 thoughts on “True Happiness

  1. This is a timely post for me. My sweet little cat, Miss Felix passed on a few days ago and I miss her terribly. I’ve taken to having her with me always in my heart, mind, and imagination.

  2. Your message touched deeply my sister, know always even when those moments come, that there are some who always think of you and pray for you because of the genuine and selflesslove placed in them from the Lord. Never asking for anything in return…just wanting to make you smile. You are a treasure so know, your special heart is always appreciated! You write so wonderfully Heta! God bless!

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