Never lose Any hope 

In life, we all must have been through tough times. During such times, all we could think of is “how to deal with the situation and how to defeat it.” Sometimes, we lose the hope of being back to what and where we were and our mind would be occupied only with the negative thoughts with no space for the positive ones to enter.

I remember one such incident, where I had lost all my hope. I was not able to think straight. All I could think of was “Now, nothing can be done.”  I was tensed. I just left the work, I was doing and thought of taking a walk. Placing the earphones into my ears, listening to a few of my favourite songs, I started walking. Thoughts were running through my mind and tears were welling up in my eyes. The streets were busy as usual. People were immersed in their busy life. My tears and the tension inside me were not bothered by anyone around, as people were having their own problems and they were busy in solving it. One of the point, I have always admired of my city Mumbai is, no one would be bothered about you or what you do. You are like a free bird and can do anything, as if no one is watching you. But, today I needed someone to talk to. Today, I didn’t want to be alone. I wanted someone with whom I could talk, share, yell at and demand an answer or a solution. I kept walking and saw a cafe nearby. I thought of grabbing a coffee for myself. I went inside and placed the order. I took a seat and waited for my coffee to arrive. Behind me there was a  TV where, a reality show was going on. The episode that was running was based on one of the serious social issue”child trafficking”. As I had missed the start of the episode, I was trying to understand the story and was connecting the missed part of it. A ten years old girl was abducted and she was forced into prostitution. She had tried to escape from there many times, but, she failed. She was punished for her act and was beaten badly for eloping. I was feeling pity for her and for a moment, I had forgotten my problem and was engrossed in watching the show. The girl was brave and very strong. Though she had a fear of getting caught again, but, she dint gave up. After her many unsuccessful attempts, she finally got a chance to run without anyone’s notice. She gave a call from a PCO to her parents and informed them about her whereabouts. With the help of police and her smartness, she succeeded in eloping. Later the criminals were arrested and put behind the bars.

I felt happy for her and also, I was feeling better than before. After, having my coffee, I went outside. I thought to myself, even after a pile of problems, nothing stopped the girl. Her willpower was strong and she didn’t lose her hope of freeing herself from this problem. She tried and tried until she succeeded. Seeing, the story of that courageous girl, A new hope was building inside me. ” If that young girl can do it, why can’t I?”.

Though, later on, my problem didn’t get solved completely, but, yes I was feeling light. One should never give up their hope, as our future can be good only if, we keep some hope alive within us. Be it a job, or  love, or planning to buy a new home or anything, never give up, if the problem arises. Instead be optimistic and try to find a solution for the problem. Watching the episode of that seven year old girl that day, taught me “to never give up and to never lose a hope.” Also, this  reminds me of, one of my poems, I had written long back.

Keep Alive a Ray of Hope Within:

“There may have been times, when you may have felt no worth,

 Things around you dint happened the way you wanted to. 

During such times, you may feel low or doubt the reason of your existence on earth,

 Everything around you would seem negative, you wonder what to do next, and won’t have any clue.

 At that time, just say yourself “you can do it”, 

Life hasn’t ended here, have hope and so don’t lose it. 

Learn from your past mistakes and have new hopes for a better tomorrow, 

The important thing in life is to never stop and instead think positive and try to forget the past sorrows. 

Hope is the only thing that makes a man thrive,

 Never give up, keep the faith and hope, as that’s the only way to survive.”

-Heta Gala

(Keep alive the ray of Hope Within )



4 thoughts on “Never lose Any hope 

  1. I’ve heard that volunteer work helps us partly because our problems don’t look nearly so bad by comparison. Even just hearing the stories of people who have had huge struggles can put our own into perspective. And encourage us to keep fighting.

    • Yes, initially when we have a problem, we think we are the only one feeling it but, when we see the stories or hear some bad incidents of other people’s life, our view changes. And sometimes, seeing other people’s struggle we are motivated to not lose our hope too and keep going.

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