Start up a new life

 “Dump the agony filled inside you,

  As it won’t harm anyone except you.

 People would come and console you,

 But, no one would feel the pain, felt by you.

 The more you hurt yourself,

The more you preserve the pain inside you,

The lesser would be your life.

As the pain would slowly but, surely would end your life.

You can’t change what have happened in the past,

But you can make your future better.

So, it’s you, who has to decide,

Whether to let the pain grow inside you and see yourself sad and in solitude,

Or be strong and move on for the future happiness ahead of you.”

-Heta Gala

(Keys to the happiness lies in your own hand)

A poem written by me the last year, on how a person should not affect his present and should accept the change and move forward for a better future. Change signifies that we are moving forward, living better, and giving ourselves the chance to be the best we can possibly be. 

Your path may have intersected with a person who later on would have become a close person to you. You may have shared all your secrets to them and would have relied on them emotionally. But, at some level, if you realize that the person was not supposed to be trusted and their one wrong step, then changed your perception of trust, you had in them. You may feel hurt or even cheated, but, you can’t change the situation that had already taken place. You have to accept the  truth and have to move on for your own betterment.  

Even I had many incidents in my life, that made me take a serious decision about the situation and bring some change in my life. I would share one such incident where, A person who was so close to me that, I wouldn’t have imagined to live without her. We were so close that we thought no one could separate us. I shared nearly everything with her and so did she. We shared a sweet bond that made people around us a bit jealous as our relationship was so strong. I had never in my dreams thought that one day, things would shift so drastically that we would start hating each other. But, something we could never change.

Her attitude, her wrongdoings made her, her own enemy. She did not even realize that what she was doing was wrong. Her one act was beyond my patience level and one day, I confronted her. She was least bothered about what others had to say. All that she knew was, she had done it and I couldn’t see any regrets on her face for that. She thought, either I won’t react or else I would merely ignore the thing like I have done always. But, this time she was wrong and I had to take a decision for the betterment of both of us. Yes, it was difficult, but, it was needed. I took a wise step and ended our close friendship. Yes, it was tough, but, the relationship never works from one end. Any friendship, love relationships needed the backing of both the individual and if one of the two is taken for granted, things would turn sour and the relationship would be affected. Yes, I missed her a lot, but, when I was reminded of what she had done, I consoled myself saying, the change was needed for the better future.

So, Tell me about a time when you took a bold step, and brought about a big change in your own life. It could be the story of the first time you moved away from home to live on your own, the first house you bought with your own hard-earned money, moved cities to chase your dreams, or moved ahead like me to leave the past behind. Tell me your part of the story and I would love to hear it.




7 thoughts on “Start up a new life

  1. It is always better to let it go, it will allow your heart and soul to prosper and grow in beautiful ways. I found in my life, that my happiness stays when I forgive the hurts others may cause me. Like the Lord who forgive me all the wrong I have ever done to another, I forgive others the same because his love lives deep within me…and that helps my spirit to always shine. Heta, I have been fighting MS episodes, the last 2.5 months…but I can still smile…especially when I read such a wonderful message by you my dear sister. Your heart is golden! God bless you and your family!

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