Always Respect other person’s feelings!

Is it so difficult to hear out what a person wants to tell you?? Is it so difficult for you to understand them, knowing what a close relation you share with them? There are a few people for whom their ego matters the most. Such people fall into a category where they can do wrong things even at the cost of their relationships. They are those for whom, respect is utmost need in the front of the whole world but, neither they receive any respect in their close relations nor they respect those close relations. They are those hypocrites who do things, but, can’t see others doing it. 

Sometimes, in our life we come across such people who hurt us most by their wrong acts and bad deeds. Still, we would want to forgive them, we would want them to stay in our lives but, not at the cost of our respect and dignity. When somebody wants to stay in the relationship on their own terms, where they are least bothered what you want, where they don’t hear you out or your feelings, where your tears doesn’t matter in front of their pride, such relationship doesn’t last long. It has a limited period and expires very quickly. They are those people who prefer to stay alone for a lifetime but, won’t live for someone else happiness. They would see only their profit  in everything and won’t be concerned what follows that. 

A relationship is built on trust and respect. Father-child, mother-child, husband-wife, boyfriend-girlfriend, friends-friends, any of these relationship needs respect, trust and love for each of them. No one can rule other person’s life. There are a few things that a person can’t just accept because they are in some close relation with you. Everyone of us have feelings of our own and you can’t decide for someone else always. Respect other peoples’ feelings and then expect to gain some respect in return.


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