International Happiness Day



Today, listening to your ecstatic voice,

I could feel the happiness of you, encircling around me too.

When I heard, the reason of happiness from you,

My happiness knew no bounds.

Sometimes in our life, we feel so low and dejected,

That we fail to notice the small happiness coming our way. 

We are so occupied with whining about big things,

That we miss to feel the joy that, a small happiness brings.

Learn to smile at every happy moment of our life,

Never measure the depth of happiness,

As every moment of our life counts.

   -Heta Gala


The above poem written by me reminds me of, how little things in our life can spread happiness. Happiness is anything that brings a smile to our face! It’s about adding a dose of refreshment, brightness & cheer to the lives of people who love it. Being an avid reader, I love to read novels (specially the Romance genre). Whenever I get time, you would find me with a novel in my hand 📖 . Likewise, I make sure in between my work, I spare some time for reading the novel. It gives me some peace of mind and happiness. I feel happy, whenever, I publish a new post 😊 . Those likes and comments, I receive on my post later brings smile on my face. It compels me to write more. Surprising my loved ones with the gifts they desire to have , not only makes them happy, but also makes me feel content and happy. I love to see the expression on their face post surprise. 

Going on for a walk also makes me happy. Either going alone and listening to the beautiful and my favourite songs or going with my loved ones and chit chatting with them makes me feel fresh and happy. Meeting your friends after a very long time, then having a talk over a cup of coffee also makes me feel happy. Not only the coffee but also, a famous combo of Bun Maska Pav with the strong ginger tea makes me feel fresh and light. Going out for a shopping and finally buying the stuff after a lot of search, brings immense happiness 😋 . 

One must learn to be happy from the small things they do. Money isn’t enough for a person to be happy. The real happiness lies within us. Try to find happiness from every little thing you do. One must learn to smile at every small moment of their life. Spread the happiness around and try to make your loved one happy. Forget your past, be happy with what you have today and stop worrying about the future. Only then you can be happy in your life. Stay positive and be happy in every little thing you do.

So, on this International Happiness Day, share your little moments, share your things that make you happy. 


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