Anything in excess is no Good!



  Today, cell phones have become an essential part of our life orelse would say, an inseparable friend😝! A small gadget that hypnotizes you and takes you to the other world of Living Nomophobia😆 .

Yesterday, when I was travelling by bus, I saw how at every signal, the bus driver was continuously checking his phone 😐. He was so glued to his phone that once he even missed a signal. I got up and pretended of changing the seat and tried to have a closer look of what he was actually doing 😐. I know we shouldn’t disturb anyone’s privacy 😕, but, I was curious as to what was so important that, while driving his most of the attention was on his mobile phone😏. I took a seat behind the driver’s chair and saw him chatting on Whatsapp. I was not shocked to see, what kept him busy, but, yes, somewhere I was miffed as , my safety was in the hand of such a driver who seems more engrossed in laughing at some petty jokes and chatting than performing his duty 😑. 

Yes, even I have a phone (obviously! Even a kid nowadays owns a phone 😋) and I go mad without my phone. Wherever I travel, this little smart technology keeps me busy and helps me from getting bored. But, I restrict myself from using it while I walk or I work or I drive (sorry 😋 I don’t drive). I avoid using the phone when I am out with my family or my friends. I only use the phone to check any messages received or to attend calls if any! But, a few of  my close pals and some family members are so attached to their cell phones that they don’t let their phones out of their sight. Most of the time, I find them chatting or talking over the phone. Even when we go out, they are so engaged with their phone that they don’t even realize the presence of some human walking along with them 😠!! If you ask me, I get annoyed at such people. When you go out with someone, why there is a need to keep looking at your phone every minute? Does it make any sense that you listen to songs or chat over the phone with someone even when you are with someone in person! 

When you have someone to talk with, why do you need a gadget to entertain you or talk with you? When you have spared some of your precious time to be someone than why can’t you be with them completely and not just physically! Yes, I thank technology to let me connect with the people with whom meeting always in person isn’t possible, or for safety purpose or for listening to songs.  But, at the same time, due to this technology, some people have forgotten the real meaning of relationships. 

Yes, cell phones are the important thing in everyone’s life, but, don’t be so addicted to them that  the universe around you cease to exist 😓.

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