Finding Happiness in others Happinessūüėä

   Rewinding back the tape of my happy memories, five years back from now, the feeling when I had secured my first job, the excitement of a new beginning, meeting many new faces, working, and finally paying for my own bills was Incredible. With a certain amount of fear there was an equal amount of excitement too. The Thought of being by yourself, discovering the new things, entering the new work culture was marvellous. Those memories are still fresh and whenever I look back at those days, a smile spreads across my face. With the initial period of difficulties of understanding the work and handling the responsibilities on my own in the given specific time limit was very tough, but after sometime I got used to it. I was actually enjoying the work pressure, I had. 
¬† I still remember¬†after the completion of my¬†first month¬†of job,¬†When I¬†was about to receive my first hard earned salary, I was very excited. I wanted to buy so many things for myself and I was very excited to shop for myself.¬†Before that, I use to receive pocket money and I would save that for buying gifts for myself and my¬†family and friends. Not praising myself here, but I use to save my pocket money to buy gifts, things for others rather than spending on me. I always love to see smiles on the face of my close ones. So, when I received my first paycheck, I thought to surprise my mom by buying a gift for her. After racking my brain, I finally thought of buying a gift for my mom instead of spending it on me. I wanted to buy a few important things for myself, but with the money¬†I had received it was not possible to fulfil all the things at once. I followed my heart’s desire and went with the idea of surprising my mom. ¬†She was so happy seeing the gift and seeing her happy, I felt content. I had loved the sight of¬†my mom opening the gift wrap like a little innocent kid, feeling proud of her daughter standing on her own feet. The happiness in her eyes said a lot many things and not only me, but even she was proud of me.¬†
Happiness is something not to be felt alone, but to be shared around. Seeing someone happy and knowing the reason behind their happiness is you, makes me more happy. Follow what your heart says and spread the happiness around.  
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4 thoughts on “Finding Happiness in others Happinessūüėä

  1. It is also a truth; we feel happier when others are happy.. You know, a random survey said that people who spend money on others are happier than those spending on themselves. Great going beautiufl

  2. Seems like I read somewhere that making others happy makes us happier than trying to make ourselves happy. Your words certainly fit with that notion. And I suspect it’s true, based on my own experience.

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