Book Review-The Wedding Trousseau and Other Short Stories


Name of the book: The Wedding Trousseau and other short stories

Written by: Ankita Sharma

Publisher:  Humming Words

Genre: Fiction

Number of pages: 128

The Wedding Trousseau and other short stories are a collection of 11 short stories written by Ankita Sharma. Some of the tales are inspired from the real life experiences and others are drawn from the author’s free imaginations. 

Each story reflects the different sides of the human psyche and also shows the diverse shades of the human relationships. Some of the stories will make you think of our society and their narrow thinkings, some stories would teach you a few nice and motivating lessons, while some stories are just a simple read for fun. The novel can be relished by any age group readers.

Personally, I have enjoyed reading the novel and one can complete  the book in a day due to the less number of pages. I found some of the stories very interesting and it kept me glued till the final word of the story, while a few stories seemed quite incomplete to me with no proper end. What I like the most about the novel is, every story is different from the other and some stories had a moral behind it.

About the author:

Ankita Sharma is passionate about writing, reading and sketching. Her Sketch works have appeared on the cover pages of a few titles. She loves nature and is very fond of animals. She blogs at

One can buy the novel at:





5 thoughts on “Book Review-The Wedding Trousseau and Other Short Stories

    • Thank you Raman😊. But, I am not sure whether I can do the review of books always. This review was done on request of the author. But, surely I can suggest you many good reads😊

      • So, one of the young author is your friend..I must contact her as I am stepping to be a writer soon.. how can I contact her?

      • I have read her blogs. We have known each other through online only.I have mentioned the details of her on my post itself. You will find more details on her blog 😊. She has self published her novel. And best of luck for your writing career😊. Have you already started working on it?

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