EkNayiLeague- A game of Brain

    There is a buzz in the market about the new show “Ek Nayi League” that is going to be hosted by the great Indian cricketer Mr. Kapil Dev. We all know about him, one of the greatest all rounders of all the time and who had won the Cricket World Cup 1983.

    Just a few days back, he joined the micro blogging site Twitter and asked everyone to guess about his show Ek Nayi League. Initially I had reckoned it to be as some new cricket league that would have some different rules and terms of playing the game. Or I thought, it could be a reality show where some big celebrities would be invited to play and given tasks to perform using their brain more than their heart. But, the show is completely different from what I had thought.



    EkNayiLeague means the Indian Trading League. The ITL is a pan India competition to allow participants to showcase their investing and trading skills and outperform other market participants in a real market environment across asset classes including stocks, derivatives and commodities to win the ultimate respect of being India’s Best Trader and win a Cash Prize of Rs. 1 Crore and many other prizes. This show is a platform, where one stands a chance to become India’s Smartest Investor.

How can one participate in the League:
1) Sign up and Open an account with the Execution Broker “SAMCO
2) Deposit the minimum capital to your account to start trading. (Note: You can withdraw your capital anytime you want)
3)Trade on NSE, BSE and MCX.
4) Win prizes Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly and Annually.

Who all can participate in the Indian Trading League:
1) Intraday Traders
2) Investors
3) Positional or Short Traders
4) Systems/Algorithmic Traders
5) Females

Format of the League:
1) Traders League:
Now in this league, the participants could trade in
Equities, Derivatives, Debt, IRF’s, Currencies listed on Stock Exchange of India.

2) Investor League:
In the Investor League, the participants could trade in Equities listed on Stock Exchange of India.

3) Commodities League:
The participants here could trade in Commodity Derivatives listed on Commodity Exchange of India.

4) Women’s League:
In the case of Women’s League, the female participants could trade in Equities, Derivatives, Debt, IRF’s, Currencies and they can compete for the title of being India’s best “Women trader.

Minimum Deposit Required:

The Minimum deposit amount to enter each format of the League is Rs. 25,000 per Business segment. Equities, Equity Derivatives and Currency Derivatives form a part of the “Equity Business Segment” and Commodity Derivatives form a part of the “Commodities Business Segment”. For Example, if you wish to enter the Traders and Commodities League, you will need to deposit Rs. 25,000 in both the relevant segments.

The ITL is a trading competition with Real money and Real market participants. Here the participants would be ranked on the basis of the Real returns and accordingly they would qualify to win Rs. 1 crore. So, everyone can participate in this EkNayiLeague with only one goal in their mind ” TO Generate Highest Possible Net Percentage Returns” to win. For more details, please check the below link: http://www.indiantradingleague.com/



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