Sometimes small things do wonders😊

Sometimes when you are in no mood,

Things around might start to prickle you.

Your body might refrain from doing anything,

But your mind would yearn to do something.

Thousand of things would be running in your mind,

Many impending works would seem of utmost prime. 

Instead of losing yourself in the arms of indolence,

Bring back the lost tranquillity by doing things that you love.

Be it a small walk or sipping your favourite cuppa of coffee,

Sometimes a small change would refresh you,

Reviving the activeness inside you.

          –Heta Gala


3 thoughts on “Sometimes small things do wonders😊

  1. Beautiful post with a powerful message. Yes we must bring back the lost tranquility as soon as possible by doing things which you like.
    Cheers 🙂

    • Yes, doing things we like would bring happiness and peace back. It is always good instead of sitting idle and thinking what to do to feel good! Cheers Dilip 😊

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