The Kutch Exploration Part 3

Last time, I had shared my review on Shyamji Krishna Varma’s Memorial house. Today, I would gladly share three more places, I had visited in Kutch that were amazing and must-to-visit places in my opinion.

The Windfarm beach is situated in the Mandvi city in the Kutch district of Gujarat state. Yes, I had mostly visited the places around the city itself due to the time constraints, but still, I made sure, I got something new to explore. Beaches have always allured me towards its calm and peaceful environment. And then, as soon as, I heard we were visiting a beach today, I was instantly happy šŸ™‚ . Windfarm beach as the name suggest has windmills that are lined up at one end of the beach that generates electricity for the area around. It is popularly called as Mandvi’s “Juhu beach”(One of the beaches of Mumbai, INDIA), but frankly it is way cleaner than any beaches of Mumbai. People here can  have a small walk along the pleasant water, or play around or can just go for swimming. They have some wonderful snacks to serve like some of the yummy chaats, fresh coconut water and various other delicious drinks. I had been here in the evening and the climate was very pleasant with the rains making it more salubrious.

                                                                                  (Wind Farm Beach, Mandvi)                                                                                                 (Wind Farm Beach, Mandvi)

The next destination that I had visited was “Hiralaxmi Memorial Craft park”  located in the small village named Bhujodi. Now this craft park was established to preserve and promote the art of Kutch that was disappearing due to the lack of the financial support to artisans. Mr. Chetan Shah, the managing director of Ashapura group got a vision to build a platform for these artisans to develop and promote their work to the masses. This platform enables them to pass on their legacy and preserve the cultural and historical arts of Kutch. Also, the artisans are provided with a daily stipend with the meals, boarding and lodging free of cost during their stay in craft park. The artisans don’t have to pay any charge or fees for exhibiting or promoting their work. This craft park also possesses a beautiful garden and a small pond to add to its beauty.     ( HiraLaxmi Memorial Craft Park, Bhujodi, Kutch)                  (A lotus pond in HiraLaxmi Memorial Craft park, Bhujodi, Kutch)                               ( The artisans above and below working and displaying their art work)hiralakshmi-memorial


The last place before leaving the Kutch that I had visited was the Vijaya Vilas Palace. This palace is located on the sea beach of Mandvi and is one of the popular tourist destinations. The palace was constructed in 1929 and was built with red sandstone. The palace is set in the middle of gardens with water channels and marble fountains. The magnificent stone carved work of the palace has been done by the various architects from the places like Rajasthan, Bengal and Saurashtra with the help of the local Kutchi artisans and carpenters. The intricate high domes, the coloured glass windows, the elegant stone carvings make the palace worth visiting. At the pinnacle of the palace, there is a balcony that gives an amazing view of the surrounding of the palace and also of the beautiful beach. The Vijaya Vilas Palace offers air conditioned tented accommodations to the tourists near the beach with the spectacular view of it.                (Vijaya Vilas Palace, Mandvi, Kutch)            (The view from top of the Vijaya Vilas palace-Mandvi, Kutch) mandavi                                     ( The Air conditioned Tent rooms of Vijaya Vilas Palace Resort – Mandvi, Kutch)

So here ends the Kutch exploration and it was an amazing experience to visit these new places. If you plan to visit the Kutch soon, please do visit these amazing places and feel the experience on your own. I hope my posts helps to think to visit these places on your next visit to Kutch.


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