Inside Out

Today, I had been out with my family to watch the movie’ “Inside out”. Initially, I was least interested to watch this film, as I am not much fascinated by animated movies πŸ˜• . But later, when I watched the movie, I didn’t regret my decision, of accepting to go for it πŸ˜€ .

Truly, I enjoyed watching the movie and it’s a new and an amazing concept that is picturised on our inner emotions. We are always curious to find out, what exactly is running in someone’s mind 😐 . But, we are never able to find that as we are just humans! This movie is exactly about how our innermost feelings and emotions behave and play their roles in our lives. Joy πŸ˜€ , Sadness πŸ˜” ,  Anger 😑 , Disgust πŸ˜‘  and Fear 😨 , all of these five emotions work on their respective expedition. To keep a human happy was Joy’s motto, but on the other hand Sadness made sure that a human developed the sad feeling within. Fear was on a mission of being careful and to be alarmed always, whereas Disgust warned a human what to eat or what not to, hence preventing them from getting poisoned or groggy. Anger, on the other hand, was making a human’s life miserable by venting out their irritation or displeasure regarding something by doing something awfully wrong. All these emotions were shown working together in a main head office of a little girl Riley’s brain. These emotions guided her through her happy and difficult situations. 

Watching this film, I just thought,  how our inner emotions battle among themselves to win and rule our certain situation or phase. How one of the emotions that wins and makes a greater impact on how we deal with our plight. Joy always ensure to think positive, be in whatever situation we are. It induces us to be strong and think of some solution to solve our problems. It works towards our happiness. On the other hand, Sadness makes us feel depressed all the time. It makes our mind weak and our mind would be occupied with the negative thoughts with no space for the positive ones. But, sometimes it happens that Sadness would bring back our lost happiness. When we regret doing something very dreadful, we feel sad and realize to correct our mistake. At this point, Joy and Sadness do their work together to find our lost peace and happiness. The feeling of being afraid stops us from doing anything. Fear reduces our confidence and we end up being a failure. All of us are afraid of some or other thing and all we have to do at that time is to ask our inner Joy to function with more power and stay positive. Anger ruins everything. Many times, we regret, of things we do or say in anger. It drives our mind in a wrong direction and we end up doing things wrong. So, all we have to do, is never to let our positivity and inner patience die. 

 I always pray that, the JOY functioning in my mind works with a double force and helps me stay positive in every tough situation. I want the SADNESS inside my head to remind me that I may lose some important moments and precious people, if I stay sad or always negative. I want the ANGER inside me to stay calm and to be shown only on the people who have been cruel to me πŸ˜‹ 😌 .  I would ask DISGUST feelings to keep me from having tasteless food and help me stay away from unhygienic stuff 😜 And I want the FEAR in my mind to know that with positivity and a certain amount of confidence we can overcome anything we want. 


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