Those jingling sound of Anklets… Part 1

“Mom, please wake up. I just heard it again. ”

“What is it, honey? What have you heard? Sweetie, it’s almost three in the morning! Why are you still awake?” She asked rubbing her eyes and staring at her frightened daughter.

“Mom, those…sound of anklets. I mean, I heard the same sound of the anklets near your wardrobe.”

Switching the lights on, she said “Honey, you must have had a terrible dream. See there is no one there. Just relax my child. Please get back to your bed and sleep.”

“Mom, I really heard it. I am not lying. ” Ritika said almost like a whisper.

Taking her daughter in her arms, she said. “Come on honey. Go to bed and sleep. I have to go to the office and you have a surprise test at your school. Remember? Hence, to be fresh in the morning, my daughter needs to have a good sleep. Am I right, honey?”

“Yes, Mom. But…”

“Just relax honey. I am here. No one would do anything to you. Because Mamma is going to sleep beside her lovely daughter. ”

She sheathes her daughter in her embrace and sings a lullaby to get her sleep.

The next day, Ritika goes to her school as usual, but she was still scared with the incidents that took place last night. This was not the first time; she felt some sort of paranormal activity at her home. Ritika stays alone with her single working mother. She has felt someone’s presence before too. She has complained to her Mom many times, but her mother has always brushed her cries and considered it as her bad dream. Ritika was afraid to return to her home. No one believed her. Even her friends had once laughed at her and thought it to be her created spurious story.

Night fell and Ritika was waiting to go to bed. Her fear was not letting her sleep though. She had asked her mother to sleep with her today. Hugging her mother tight, she was looking around to check if someone was there. Shortly after some time she drifted into her sleep.

The sound of the jingling anklets awakens Ritika. The sound was coming near and her heartbeats started running fast. Suddenly the sound stopped near her Mom’s wardrobe and she could hear someone opening the wardrobe. She got scared and started waking up her mother.

On the spur of the moment, she saw a feeble image of someone’s feet with those dangling anklets on it near her Mom’s wardrobe. Perspiration started forming on her forehead and she screams loudly. Listening to her loud wail, her mother wakes up.

“Ritika, what is the matter? Are you fine? Her mother asked worriedly.

“Mom, look behind you. She is there.”

Her mother turns behind, but sees nothing. She caresses her scared daughter and tells her again that it is just a bad dream. Ritika tried to convince her mother about what she experienced was real and not just a dream, but her mother denied and shunned her.

“Ritika, honey, Listen. I know you are scared, but try to understand it was just a dream. Nothing is real. Look around you. No one is here, honey. Just try to relax and sleep. ”

Ritika kept weeping. She felt alone as no one believed in her story. She held her mother tightly because she was afraid. Staring at her mom’s face, she thought “Mom, why don’t you believe me? Please don’t ignore me. I need you, Mom. I am afraid to be alone. I am scared to feel all these weird things happening around, only with me. Please Mom, Help me.”

After some time, she slept with her eyes still wet with the tears. Looking around, she whispers. ” Are you still there?”

To be continued…………….

PS: All characters appearing in this post are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. 


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