Those jingling sound of Anklets-Part 2

Continued story part of Those jingling sound of Anklets-Part 1

“Ritika kept weeping. She felt alone as no one believed in her story. She held her mother tightly because she was afraid. Staring at her mom’s face, she thought “Mom, why don’t you believe me? Please don’t ignore me. I need you, Mom. I am afraid to be alone. I am scared to feel all these weird things happening around, only with me. Please Mom, Help me.”

After some time, she slept with her eyes still wet with the tears. Looking around, she whispers. ” Are you still there?””


During the night, Ritika’s mother got up for the washroom. She turned to her right facing towards her wardrobe and thought, “Really, is there something happening in this house! Or else it’s just a bad dream of her. “After some time, she dismissed the thoughts running in her mind and went towards the bathroom.


“What is this?” She bent down to take the thing that hurt her feet. The silver bracelet with the tiny round design on it and which had three silver small bells at one end of it. Suddenly, she realizes it is an anklet and not a chain. She was completely flabbergasted. She thought to herself, “I don’t have any such anklet and it does not belong to Ritika either. Then to whom does it belong to? And what is this doing here. Ritika have told me something about the anklets. Is this the part of those? Is there someone in this house except me and Ritika? “

Suddenly she heard her wardrobe door closing behind her. But as soon as she turned no one was there. She went near her wardrobe and opened it with her trembling hands. She looked inside, but there was no one. She was very scared and she closed her wardrobe doors and went back to her bed. She kept the anklet on the top of the drawer just beside her bed. She took out the prayer book from her drawer and started chanting the slogans. After sometime, she slept.

The next day, she woke up with a sudden thud. The bottle of water beside her bed had fallen down. She breathed in relief and recollected what all had happened the last night. She wondered whether it was just a dream or all those things had actually taken place. She couldn’t see the anklet she had found the previous night. She opened her drawer and the prayer book was still inside it.

“Everything is in its place. Then was it simply a dream?” She asked to herself. Ritika was sleeping peacefully beside her. She looked at her daughter and kissed her forehead. “May be I am just worried for my daughter and what she had told me was running in my mind and that’s why I had a dream of it. “

Ignoring her running thoughts, she went to the washroom to freshen up. After some time, Ritika woke up. Rubbing her eyes, she stared at her side of drawer. She opened it and took out the anklet which she found the previous night near her bed. “Mom won’t believe me. I will keep this anklet with me as it won’t make any difference, even if I showed it to her. She will again ignore me and may think that I am making up a story. She may feel that I may have stolen the anklet of someone to just prove her of my story. I have tried many times reasoning with her, but all have gone in vain. I am alone and all I know is, that person, whoever she is, haven’t hurt me so far. I have to deal with this matter alone. “She kept the anklet back into her drawer and got up to get ready for her school.

The days passed by, but the incident didn’t stop. Ritika was now used to the noise of anklets. At exactly 3 am in the morning, she heard the jingling sound of the anklets near her Mom’s wardrobe. All she did was, she prayed to her God. On the other hand, her mother never felt the same incident ever again. She had forgotten the incident that had happened to her considering it as just a dream…

PS: All characters appearing in this post are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. 


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