The new Airtel 4G challenge

Airtel launches a new 4G service across the country. It has come up with a challenge wherein they claim that their network is faster than other network and if not they will pay our mobile bill for life. Isn’t it great? We all need a better and a faster connectivity for surfing, for downloading movies, songs or any other files. So, If you crave speed, Airtel 4G is for you. Gone will be the days of overnight movie downloads & low res video streams. 
To avail the 4G service, one must have a 4G compatible cellphone and a 4G enabled SIM card. Airtel 4G is the first telecom operator to roll out 4G service. It has launched the service of 4G, across 296 cities. If you think with the fastest speed, it may be available at a higher price than you are wrong! Yes, 4G is available at 3G prices. Unbelievable! 

If you are a current Airtel subscriber with 3G network, you can avail the 4G service free with no additional cost. Yes, because 4G speed is available at 3G price! All you have to do is, request for a 4G SIM and Airtel will deliver the same at your doorstep. You can tweet #GetAirtel4G from your 4G compatible device and Airtel will soon reply you with a link. In that link, you just need to fill in some detail and Airtel will deliver the 4G Sim at your doorstep. 

Airtel 4G is available to its customers through devices like mobile phones, dongles, and Wi-Fi dongles. To avail the Airtel 4G service, customers just have to switch to a 4G SIM in their devices. Airtel provides with various data plans for your mobiles like unlimited music, movies, calls etc. at different price. 4G dongle is available at Rs.1500 and 4G home wifi is available at Rs. 2500. 
Also, Airtel lets you take a demo of their fastest ever 4G network. You just have to visit your nearby Airtel showroom and then you can experience the 4G first hand. 

So what are you waiting for? Go and grab the best suited Airtel 4G plan and explore the new, faster network ever. Airtel 4G – The Fastest Network Ever
 What will you do with these unbelievable speeds under your hood? 

The brief features of 4G Airtel are here again;

1) Get a 4G SIM is just a tweet away – #GetAirtel4G

2) Free home deliverey of 4G SIM

3) 4G available at 3G price.

4) One can experience the network before switching to 4G plan by visiting the airtel showroom.

5) Upgradation from 3G to 4G free for Airtel subscribers.

6) One must have 4G enabled smartphones or devices to enjoy the 4G network.

7) Many offers available to buy 4G enabled smartphones. For details please visit the airtel website :


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