The beautiful Serena Beach Resort

My family at Serena Beach Resort- Mandvi

My family at Serena Beach Resort- Mandvi

An appealing paradise on the earth,

Located in the Maska village of the district Kutch.

The traditionally built chambers to dwell,

 And the amazing panorama to relish as well.

Occupied with all the modern and luxurious amenities,

It serves their guest with delicious food from the menu of chef’s specialties.  

The beautiful neighbouring beach can calm you by its soothing sound,

This magnificent resort would hold you spellbound.

Do visit this beautiful and magnificent place,

A perfect destination to enjoy and unwind in peace.

-Heta Gala

A month ago, my family had visited again the beautiful Serena Beach Resort situated in the Mandvi city in the Kutch district of Gujarat state. My amazing experience at this resort had enticed my family and a few relatives to visit and experience this wondrous beach resort 🙂 . For more details regarding the resort, you could read my Serena Beach Resort blogpost  here : A visit to Serena Beach Resort Mandvi- the Kutch Exploration Part 1


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